Credit Management is a process in which Company sells a product / service to customers on credit basis. The company collects payments from customer at a later time , after sale of product. The amount of credit  fixed  by a company for a customer is  called credit limit. The customer can Purchase the product from a company within the credit limit, and when the credit limit is crossed, order is blocked by the system.

Example- Consider a Company creates a credit limit for Customer of  200,000. Customer can purchase the product from the company on credit till the credit limit  200,000 is reached.Customer gives an Order # 1 of amount  100000. Again Customer gives an Order # 2 of the amount 1,50000. Now, the  total open order crosses credit limit of a customer.Order 2 is   blocked by the system due to credit limit reached.

SAP Credit Management Tutorial: OVA8

  Here customer ordered a total of Rs. 2,50,000,while a customer credit limit is Rs. 2,00,000.Here order 2 is over to the credit limit of a customer. So the order 2 will be blocked by the system.Credit limit can be different for each customer .

Types of credit checks:

  1. Simple credit check:  Simple Credit Check = Value of all Open Items + Value of the Current Sales Order. Note: Open Items are invoices for which company has not received payment.

 2. Automatic Credit check - Automatic credit check allows  you to  evaluate a transaction based on the credit rating of the customer, and ensures appropriate further processing of the transaction document. The credit limit check starts either automatically when you save a document or by selecting Check Credit. Automatic credit checks are of 2 types-

  1. Static Credit Check (Check for  credit limit against total value of open sales order  + open delivery not invoiced + billing value of open billing document  not passed at accounting).
  2. Dynamic Credit Check (Check for credit limit against open sales order not yet delivered + open delivery not invoiced + billing value of open billing document  not passed at accounting + passed but not paid bill amount).

Step 1) Set Credit Check

  1. Enter T-code OVA8 in command field.
  2. Click On New Entries button.

SAP Credit Management Tutorial: OVA8

 Step 2)

  1. Enter Credit Control.
  2. Check credit Check option.
  3. Enter Credit limit validity period.
  4. Check Static option .
  5. Check open orders and deliveries.

SAP Credit Management Tutorial: OVA8

Step 3)

Click on save Button.