Difference Between Waterfall vs Spiral and Incremental Model

To manage the level of complexity during the software development cycle, various SDLC model is implemented by the software companies.

Their aim is to deliver a quality software product, however each model is unique in terms of their software development approach. To effectively learn the SDLC models we will compare the various models of Software Engineering.

Here we will see how each model differs from other in terms of cost, time duration, requirements, maintenance etc.

Waterfall vs. Incremental vs. Spiral vs. Rad Model: Comparison of Various SDLC Models

The following SDLC models comparison table presents the differences between Water-Fall Model Vs. Incremental Model Vs. Spiral Model and Rad Model.

Properties of Model Water-Fall Model Incremental Model Spiral Model Rad Model
Planning in early stage Yes Yes Yes No
Returning to an earlier phase No Yes Yes Yes
Handle Large-Project Not Appropriate Not Appropriate Appropriate Not Appropriate
Detailed Documentation Necessary Yes but not much Yes Limited
Cost Low Low Expensive Low
Requirement Specifications Beginning Beginning Beginning Time boxed release
Flexibility to change Difficult Easy Easy Easy
User Involvement Only at beginning Intermediate High Only at the beginning
Maintenance Least Promotes Maintainability Typical Easily Maintained
Duration Long Very long Long Short
Risk Involvement High Low Medium to high risk Low
Framework Type Linear Linear + Iterative Linear + Iterative Linear
Testing After completion of coding phase After every iteration At the end of the engineering phase After completion of coding
Overlapping Phases No Yes (As parallel development is there) No Yes
Maintenance Least Maintainable Maintainable Yes Easily Maintainable
Re-usability Least possible To some extent To some extent Yes
Time-Frame Very Long Long Long Short
Working software availability At the end of the life-cycle At the end of every iteration At the end of every iteration At the end of the life cycle
Objective High Assurance Rapid Development High Assurance Rapid development
Team size Large Team Not Large Team Large Team Small Team
Customer control over administrator Very Low Yes Yes Yes