9 BEST YouTube Ad Blockers for Android, iOS & Web Browsers

YouTube ad blockers help you block advertisements, activity trackers, and popups on YouTube and websites. The best YouTube ad blockers are available in the form of browser extensions as well as apps. These tools improve loading speeds, decrease data consumption, and help improve your battery life.

Our team has researched 20+ best ad blockers for you. We’ve evaluated the based-on parameters like customer service, type of ads blocked, number of ads blocked, and pricing.

Best YouTube Ad blockers

Name Free Trial Types Of Ads Blocked Supported Languages Link
πŸ‘ TotalAV Lifetime Free Basic Plan Ads, Pop-ups and Notifications 8 Learn More
TotalAdBlock Yes, 7 Days Facebook audio ads, Pop-ups, Youtube ads, and Autoplay video ads 11 Learn More
AdLock Yes, 14 Days Pop-ups, Flash banners, Video ads, Banners with malware code, and Internet bugs. 51 Learn More
AdGuard Lifetime free plan Video ads, Interstitial ads, and Floating ads, Pop-ups, Banners, Advertisement, etc. 47 Learn More
AdBlock Plus Lifetime free plan Facebook ads, YouTube video advertisements, Flashy banner ads, Pop-up ads 53 Learn More
Expert Advice:

β€œYou should always look for an ad blocker that works well in your language and has decent support for all your devices. Apart from YouTube, the adblocker should support other websites as well.”

1) TotalAV

Best Overall

TotalAV Antivirus is a free malware removal that offers complete security for all your household devices in one simple to use Desktop and Smartphone application. It offers real-time Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Adware protection.

#1 To Pick

Full Scan: Yes

Anti-Phishing Protections: No

Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android

Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

Visit TotalAV


  • Remote Firewall allows remote access to your devices
  • Real-Time antivirus protection
  • Offers a highly secured Password Vault
  • Eliminate viruses, trojans & malware
  • Ad Block Pro feature enables safe browsing with a VPN
  • It allows you to PC Health Check, Safer Browsing, Disk Defrag and Scheduled Automatic Disk Cleaning
  • This PC Cleaner removes junk files, duplicate files, old junk files, old files, redundant files and storage-clogging files
  • This tool protects from Anti-Ransomware, malware, spyware and adware threats
  • It provides customer support via Live chat and Contact Form
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Excellent protection against all types of internet threats. Phishing protection score is poor.
The desktop app is great. A free version with basic features is available.
An intuitive user interface.
Customer service is available 24/7.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac
Pricing: Plans start at $29 a year.
Free Trial: Lifetime Free Basic Plan

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2) TotalAdBlock

Best for blocking ads and pop-ups

TotalAdBlock is one of the best YouTube ad blockers to block ads and all JS trackers that advertisers use to track you. It also helps you decrease website loading times and improve browsing speeds. You can use it to block ads like YouTube ads, Facebook audio and video ads, online pop-ups, and Autoplay video ads.

It is one of the best free ad blocker tool for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Opera. You can also use it to check your data stored by various companies online. It also warns you of any potential online breach of your critical data.



  • Disables annoying notifications that invade your privacy.
  • Blocks an unlimited number of ads and intrusive trackers across multiple platforms.
  • Real-time antivirus protection keeps you protected from scams and malicious content.
  • Proper support for 11 major languages.
  • Responsive 24/7 online customer Support.
  • Serves 9 million+ active users through its vast array of extensions compatible with your browsers.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Custom allowlists to select trusted websites and acceptable ad preferences. Lacks device support for Linux and ChromeOS.
Helps improve the battery life of all your devices. Relatively expensive pricing.
Removes annoying online advertisements from all mobile browsers.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.
Pricing: Starts at $29 per year
Free Trial: Yes, 7 Days
License Under GNU GPLv3: Yes

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3) AdLock

Best YouTube app Adblock for protecting user’s privacy

AdLock uses various techniques to find annoying ads, banners, video ads, cryptocurrency ads, and harmful links. It helps you to protect yourself against surveillance scripts, phishing attempts, and attacks. The Safe Surfing feature checks Google’s database of unsafe websites and blocks all dangerous sites.

It is one of the best AdBlock for YouTube for hassle-free setup for all users requiring no device-level modifications or root access. You can use it to create custom rules for adjusting blocking rules, choosing specific filters, and more based on your preferences.



  • Blocks pop-ups, flash banners, YouTube video ads, crypto/mining ads, and banners.
  • Automatically checks and monitors potentially harmful links across the internet.
  • It automatically traces potentially harmful spyware and bugs.
  • It helps fine-tune rules of internet usage on your devices.
  • Saves the device’s battery life, speeds up loading times, and improves system performance.
  • Selectively pause/resume ad blocking and privacy protection features as needed by you.
  • Adblock for the YouTube app has over 100,000+ active users across the world.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Works well with popular apps like Chrome, Safari, and YouTube. Poor customer support service.
Traces any spyware and bugs and hides users’ data.
Works in 50+ languages worldwide.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
Pricing: Starts at $1.60 per month
Free Trial: 14 days free trial
License Under GNU GPLv3: Yes

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4) AdGuard

Best ad blocker for providing encryptions for privacy

AdGaurd filters ads from web pages before the page load and helps reduce data consumption and increase browsing speeds. It removes annoying ads and irritating elements in websites like signup forms and irrelevant prompts. You can use it to restrict pesky JS trackers and better protect your privacy/safety.

It protects you online with security features like network tunneling, HTTPS, and content filtering. Parents can use parental control and a customizable block list to restrict content from the internet.



  • Blocks all kinds of advertisements, video ads, popups, etc., in apps and browsers.
  • Automated protection against common phishing and malicious sites.
  • Removes annoying web elements like banners and popups.
  • Works with all operating systems and popular web browsers.
  • Filters ads that save online traffic and increase the loading speed of website pages.
  • Users can access advanced configuration options on the network tab, such as proxy settings.
  • More than 10 million users use it actively.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
In-built support to block video ads, Interstitial ads, floating ads, pop-ups, banners, text ads, etc. It is a heavy app that negatively impacts the performance of your device.
Full-fledged support for 47 languages overall.
Works on all major platforms, including Opera, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS
Pricing: Starts at $9.95 per year
Free Trial: Lifetime free plan
Licensed Under GNU GPLv3: Yes

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5) AdBlock Plus

Best open-source YouTube Ad Blocker

AdBlock Plus is one of the best open-source ad blocker tools that effectively works on many advertisements. Its development and improvement are driven by community feedback. You can use it to allow some non-obstructive ads on YouTube and the internet.

It works effectively against Facebook, YouTube videos, Flashy banners, and pop-up ads. Over 10 million active users utilize this ad blocker across the globe. It blocks annoying site notifications and popups, ensuring a peaceful web browsing experience.

Adblock Plus


  • Automatically hides popups and removes annoying prompts like survey requests.
  • Extensive security features to keep your data and device safe.
  • Improves web browsing speed, reduces webpage load times, and improves battery life.
  • Allows users to create a customized block list or use a pre-built list to block ads.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Native extensions for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, and Firefox. Slow and ineffective customer support.
Allows users to browse anonymously on the web by disabling trackers.
It comes with native support for 50+ popular languages.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and Chromebook
Pricing: Starts at $19.99 per year
Free Trial: Lifetime free plan
Licensed Under GNU GPLv3: Yes

Link: https://adblockplus.org/

6) Ghostery

Best AI based Ad-Blocker

Ghostery is one of the best ad-blocking tools for blocking ads and maintaining privacy. It uses advanced AI-based technologies to ensure that websites cannot track you easily. You can use the tracker panel to find every identified and blocked tracker during your web browsing sessions.

Ghostery provides data-rich reports showing trackers’ frequent impact on the websites you visit. You can use its bi-monthly newsletter with in-depth details to stay updated with the latest trends in data tracking. It’s built to be easy to set up and improve device performance and browsing speed.



  • Saves the internet data of the users and protects personal information from trackers.
  • Private Browser lets you choose from complementary search engines with different search results.
  • Privacy-friendly search works without collecting any data from you.
  • Native support for +15 languages.
  • Advanced algorithms to block conventional ads, Pop-ups, and Trackers.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Maintains a sizeable open-source database of privacy-invasion trackers. It cannot block all types of ads, so you might still see ads while browsing the internet.
The tracker blocker feature makes it impossible for trackers to record every online step of users.
Proper support for browsers like Opera, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
Pricing: Starts at $3.99 per month
Free Trial: Lifetime free trial
Licensed Under GNU GPLv3: No

Link: https://www.ghostery.com/

7) uBlock Origin

Best for content filtering and ad blocking

uBlock Origin is one of the best YouTube ad blockers for uplifting device performance. It helps minimize memory usage and ensures faster browsing speeds for all websites. You can use it to automatically filter websites and fix broken pages due to ad blocking. It is an open-source and community-backed tool that allows you to contribute to YouTube ad blocking.

It offers zapper that feature allows users to remove unwanted elements, like popups, banners, forms, etc., from websites. It actively works against flashy banner ads, Facebook ads, YouTube video commercials, pop-up ads, and pop-under ads.



  • WebRTC blocking feature allows users to hide their IP address from any website and browser.
  • Performance features and optimizations make it highly efficient in terms of CPU and memory usage.
  • Blocking is performed locally, preventing third parties from uploading or handling user data.
  • It lets you create allow lists for websites and import custom lists from hosts’ files.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Supports more than 70 popular languages across the globe. Customer support service with slow responses.
Boasts an active user base of over 10 million users.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chromebook
Pricing: Lifetime Free
Licensed Under GNU GPLv3: Yes

Link: https://ublockorigin.com/

8) Video Ad Blocker Plus

Best for blocking all videos ads types

Video Ad Blocker Plus is the best ad blocker for chrome to eliminate all YouTube ads and other video services. It blocks adult content and obstructive advertisements while maintaining the functionality of apps.

It is one of the best AdBlocker for YouTube that actively monitors all websites and informs you in case it finds any potential online threats. It currently has more than 100,000 active users. You can use it to focus exclusively on video ads and improves network speed by removing ads and other elements that slow down your speed.

Video Ad Blocker Plus


  • Allows users to do their work because it works in the background.
  • Creates a list of web pages with ads and trackers when the users browse the internet.
  • It helps you avoid age-inappropriate content/videos.
  • Lightweight software works in the background to ensure an ideal experience while watching videos.
  • It helps you to blocks all pre-roll and midroll YouTube ads.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
Algorithms and techniques explicitly built to tackle video ads. Lacks proper integrations with browsers and tools.
Complete support for 14 of the most popular languages across the world. Poor JS-tracker blocking features.
It provides users the ability to configure which advertisement they want to block.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Chrome
Pricing: Lifetime Free
License Under GNU GPLv3: No

Link: https://videoadblockerplus.com/

9) AdBlocker Ultimate

Best for blocking banners for YouTube

AdBlocker Ultimate is an ideal tool for blocking ads on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. It uses various techniques to protect users’ data from trackers and activity analyzers. The Ghost mode allows you to be completely hidden with advanced privacy protection and security features.

AdBlocker Ultimate safeguards you from various online threats, phishing scams, and malware. It automatically blocks domains known for activities that are unsafe for you. You can use it to block video commercials, pop-ups, and display ads across the internet. It also helps users stay away from phishing websites that distribute malware online.

AdBlocker Ultimate


  • Improves the performance of the application that users use by blocking ad content.
  • Increases the battery life of an Android device, cut down on the user’s mobile data bandwidth, and speed up page loading.
  • Native support 40+ languages worldwide.
  • Helps you avoid online threats
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
The active user base of more than 1 million users. No support for macOS.
Robust native apps for smartphones as well as desktops.
Allows you to create custom allowlists for trustworthy websites.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Windows, iOS, and Android
Pricing: Starts at $2.49 per month
Free trial: Lifetime free plan
License Under GNU GPLv3: Yes

Visit AdBlocker Ultimate

10) AdBlocker For Youtube

Best for blocking Youtube ads and pop-ups

AdBlocker for YouTube is an ideal tool to block pre-roll YouTube ads, banners, and conventional text ads. It comes bundled with various features to enhance your viewing experience, including boosting audio volume by up to 600%.

AdBlock helps you to create a loop at a specific interval in any YouTube video. It is one of the most straightforward tools that can be set up in no time. You can also use this to improve browser performance by minimizing the load on memory and CPU.

Ad Blocker


  • It has an active user base of over 600,000.
  • Proactively blocks banners and advertisements, saving data and bandwidth.
  • Blocks pre-roll ads on various video services, including YouTube.
  • Picture mode allows users to watch YouTube videos in a floating window.
  • Lightweight code ensures maximum performance and improvement in browser speeds.
  • Improves browser and page load speed while reducing memory/CPU usage.
πŸ‘ Pros πŸ‘Ž Cons
You can use this tool in more than 40 natively supported languages. Lacks proper support for browsers other than Chrome.
Works right from installation requiring no configuration or setup.
The shield icon feature allows users to skip pre-roll ads on YouTube manually.

Key Specs:

Supported Platforms: Chrome
Pricing: Lifetime Free
License Under GNU GPLv3: No

Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblocker-for-youtube/maekfnoeejhpjfkfmdlckioggdcdofpg?hl=en

What are Youtube ad Blockers?

Youtube ad blockers remove the ads that appear in the beginning or the middle of the videos on YouTube. These ad blockers for youtube are software or browser extensions that help you either block or skip YouTube advertisements.

The ad-blocking applications either directly remove the ads or replace them with blank non-intrusive content. This way, you can enhance your experience by removing all the interruptions while consuming content.

Why Block Youtube Ads?

Here are the reasons why you should block YouTube Ads:

  • Reduce intrusion: YouTube ads can be highly intrusive and disturb the flow of the video. It is especially annoying when it comes to unskippable ads. Blocking ads can thus provide you with a better viewing experience.
  • Save time: Maybe you want a quick breakfast recipe or tutorial, but ads consume all your precious time by adding extra minutes. Thus, you can block YouTube ads and watch only the actual video, reducing all the added minutes.
  • Remove irrelevant ads: Many ads that come up are irrelevant, repetitive, and may not align with your values. Thus using ad blocker apps, you get completely no ads on YouTube and can enjoy the videos in peace.

The Best Ways to Block YouTube Ads on Android

Here are the best ways to block YouTube ads on Android.

  • Premium Subscription: This is one the first and simplest ways to block YouTube ads. Its plan starts at $13.99 per month, and it acts as a YouTube ad remover.
  • Ad blocker apps: Using ad blocker apps is another ideal way to remove ads from YouTube on Android. Some of the best ad removers for YouTube are TotalAV, AdLock, TotalAdBlock, and others.
  • Third-party tools: You can use third-party tools to watch YouTube videos. This means you will be accessing the contents of YouTube via another application, thus, reducing ads automatically.
  • Using VPN: When you use a VPN, you are accessing YouTube services secretly, hence, you do not come across the large number of ads you usually receive.
  • Download: You can also pre-download videos and watch them offline, which completely removes the ads. This solution is ideal for lengthy videos so that you can watch them without any interruption or using any ad remover for YouTube.

Do ad Blockers work on youtube?

The answer to do ad blockers work on Youtube is yes, of course, ad blockers do work on YouTube. There are several apps that are built to block ads on YouTube. One such app is TotalAdBlock which is the best overall ad-blocking app, according to our review. You can even use the advertisement blocker for YouTube to customize how you want to block the ads on the application.

How do I get rid of ads on YouTube music?

To remove ads on YouTube Music, you can use the following methods:

  • Get Premium: You can subscribe to the YouTube Music premium package, it removes all the ads that cause interruption.
  • YouTube ad blocker app: Using an ad blocker for YouTube Music is another ideal way to remove the ads. According to our review, Total AV provides a lifetime free basic plan.
  • YouTube Music Converter: This helps you download the music you want to listen to offline, so you can create ad-free playlists.


Some of the best tools to block YouTube ads on iPhone or Android are:

Some critical factors that must be considered while choosing the best app to block YouTube ads on Android or iPhone are:

  • Types of Ads Blocked: YouTube ad blockers must be capable of blocking all the ads on YouTube and ads that appear while browsing the internet.
  • Device Support: Ideal ad blockers must be compatible with all your devices and browsers.
  • Pricing: The best YouTube ad blockers must be priced adequately to meet your needs without being a burden on your pocket.

Ad blockers do not directly block any ads. They generally identify the JavaScript code for fetching and serving ads from 3rd-party services. They maintain a massive database of these 3rd-party sources. Whenever a site like YouTube tries to load content from these services, the ad blocker blocks the requests and ensures no ads are loaded.

Yes, ad removal is entirely legitimate. Ad removal is just users exercising control over what they see and how it is presented to them. So, removing ads is altogether legitimate and has no harmful repercussions for you.

Final Verdict

We have thoroughly tried and evaluated some of the best YouTube Ad Blockers for you. Some of these blockers work significantly better than others in specific areas. We recommend that you choose from these best blockers for an ideal experience.

  • TotalAdBlock is the best app overall for all ranges of use cases.
  • AdBlock Plus is the best choice in terms of language support, as it has proper support for over 50 languages.
  • In case you are looking for the broadest range of ads blocked, then AdGaurd is the right choice.

Best YouTube Ad blockers

Name Free Trial Types Of Ads Blocked Supported Languages Link
πŸ‘ TotalAV Lifetime Free Basic Plan Ads, Pop-ups and Notifications 8 Learn More
TotalAdBlock Yes, 7 Days Facebook audio ads, Pop-ups, Youtube ads, and Autoplay video ads 11 Learn More
AdLock Yes, 14 Days Pop-ups, Flash banners, Video ads, Banners with malware code, and Internet bugs. 51 Learn More
AdGuard Lifetime free plan Video ads, Interstitial ads, and Floating ads, Pop-ups, Banners, Advertisement, etc. 47 Learn More
AdBlock Plus Lifetime free plan Facebook ads, YouTube video advertisements, Flashy banner ads, Pop-up ads 53 Learn More