How To create a New General Ledger Account

Enter Transaction FS00 into the SAP command prompt  , click execute.

In the Edit G/L Account Screen

  1. Enter G/L Account no.
  2. Company Code
  3. Click Create.

Note , SAP provides you an option to  create a GL account with reference to another GL account. More on this later in the tutorial.

In the next screen

  1. Enter Account Group
  2. As per the type of G/L Account you are creating select either the P&L Statement Acct or the Balance Sheet Account radio button.
  3. In the Short Text field, enter a short description for the new GL account.
  4. In the G/L Acct Long Text field, enter a detailed description for the new GL account.

  • Click on the Create/Bank/Interest tab.
  • In the Field Status Group, select a GL field status group

Click Save . A new G/L Account is created.

In case you choose to create a new SAP G/L account with reference to a template

Enter a reference G/L account no. and Company

  • Change the Short Text and G/L acct long text.
  • Validate the other information on the Type/description and Create/bank/interest tabs .

Click Save to create the G/L Account.

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