What is BADI?

BADI stands for Business Add Ins Just like Customer Exits , BADI  help hook custom enhancements to SAP functionality. Example of a BADI: In transaction CAT2 - Time Sheet Entry, HR wishes to include an interactive acknowledgment that knowingly submitting incorrect data is grounds for dismissal. This can be achieved using BADI

sap badi


  • BADI's are Object Oriented
  • They can be implemented multiple times
  • It does not require SAP Software Change Registration
  • No effect on release upgraded on the functioning of BADI's

Define and Implement a BAPI

This involved three steps Step 1 Creating BADI Definition : Transaction SE18.

sap badi

Step 2 Define BADI interface: Transaction SE19

sap badi

Step 3 Define a class implements the interface : During implementation creation, a class for implementing the enhancement's interface is also created

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