What is Test Basis?

This tutorial explain what "Test-Basis" is, and what test cases are actually derived from ,using the V-model of testing quoting real - world examples


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  • Now , consider a scenario , where the client sends in a request to add a functionality to Flight Reservation to allow sending a order via email.He also specifies the GUI fields and buttons he wants .
  • Even though the application is yet to be developed , try and develop a few test cases  for this requirement.A few test cases amongst the many you could have thought of would be-
  • Check response when Valid Email ID are entered and send is pressed
  • Check response when inValid  Email ID are entered and send is pressed
  • You may have also realized that to create test cases you need to look at something to base your test. This is nothing but Test Basis
  • This test basis could be the actual Application Under Test (AUT) ,or may ay be even by experience but most of the times , like in this case would be based on documents
  • In fact , this is what happens during the different phases of V- Model where test plans are created using the corresponding documents and once the code is ready , testing is done


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