Flight Reservation Application:QTP Tutorial 2


This tutorial introduces Flight Reservation Application which will be used for hands-on for the rest of the tutorials.


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  • Flight Reservation Application comes pre-installed with QTP
  • Using Flight Reservation , you can book a flight between two cities,  even modify or delete and existing booking.
  • You may also fax a booking to a customer with your custom signature.
  • Flight Reservation has a  Reports and Graphs section which helps analyze the  ticket selling trends.
  • A small number of bookings is pre-populated for any new agent , so that you do not have to create test data.
  • The application has been designed to help learn all the features provided by QTP.At times , you may find this application buggy but your focus should not be technical accuracy of the application, but on its use as a  tool, to learn various features of QTP.