Training Summary

An Ethical Hacker exposes vulnerabilities in software to help business owners fix those security holes before a malicious hacker discovers them. In this course, you learn all about Ethical hacking with loads of live hacking examples to make the subject matter clear.

What should I know?

Nothing! This is an absolute beginner guide to Ethical hacking.


  1. What is Hacking? An Introduction
  2. Potential Security Threats To Your Computer Systems
  3. Skills Required to Become a Ethical Hacker
  4. Top 6 Ethical Hacking Tools
  5. How to hack using Social Engineering
  6. How to make your data safe using Cryptography
  7. How to crack password of an Application
  8. Learn everything about Trojans, Viruses, and Worms
  9. Learn ARP Poisoning with Examples
  10. Wireshark Tutorial: Network & Passwords Sniffer
  11. How to hack wireless networks
  12. Ultimate guide to DoS(Denial of Service) Attacks
  13. How to Hack a Web Server
  14. How to Hack a Website
  15. Learn SQL Injection with practical example
  16. Hacking Linux Systems
  17. 10 Most Common Web Security Vulnerabilities