Introduction to QTP


This tutorial introduces Quick Test Professional , features of QTP as Functional Automation Tool &

the concept of ADD-ins

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  • Quick Test Professional , popularly know by its acronym QTP is the flagship functional automation testing tool from Mercury Interactive now acquired by HP. It is now called as HP Functional Test
  • It is an icon based tool, which automates the functional & regression testing of an application
  • QTP is easier to use and implement for both technical & non technical testers in comparison to other functional testing tools available.
  • Quick Test  is the market leader in Functional Automation Tool with over 50% market share
  • QTP's Scripting Language is VB Script which is easy to use , understand and program
  • Quick Test Professional  enables Business Process Testing (BPT)
  • Supports large pool of  software development environments like SAP , Web , Oracle etc.
  • The trainings have been recorded using QTP version 9.5 but you may use any higher or lower versions for your learning purposes
  • For All  Hands On in these trainings, we will be using "Flight Reservation" Application which comes bundled with QTP


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