10 Best Ethereum Mining Software Apps: Free ETH Miner (2021)

Ethereum Mining software are specialized applications that use the computing power of your system in order to mine cryptocurrency. In exchange for a mining operation, you receive a monetary reward in the form of digital currency.

These apps provide a detailed report of your mining activity and total earnings. Since many Blockchain projects rely on Ethereum, Ethereum mining will be profitable as its price is expected to rise.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Ethereum Mining Software, with their pros, cons, and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Best Ethereum Mining Software App [Free/Paid]

Name Supported Platform Supported Coins Link
Kryptex Windows 10 and Mobile Bitcoin, Grin, Monero, and Ethereum Learn More
CCG Mining Windows and Mobile Bitcoin, ZCash, Monero, Ethereum Litecoin, etc. Learn More
Cudo Miner Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, macOS, and Mobile Beam, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Grin, Monero, Vertcoin, Zcoin, etc. Learn More
BetterHash Windows Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Grin Coin, Raven Coin, etc. Learn More
Computta All Windows and mobile systems Ethereum and Monero Learn More

1) Kryptex

Kryptex is an Ethereum mining software that allows you to mine cryptocurrency. This Ethereum mining app pays real money or Bitcoins for mining cryptocurrency.



  • You can set up this mining software with ease.
  • It is one of the best Ethereum miners, which provides a clean GUI.
  • This application also works efficiently even when your PC is idle.
  • You can withdraw Bitcoins or send money directly to a bank card.
  • Allows you to mine with your CPU or GPU.
  • Your computer resources will be used at a low percentage while mining cryptocurrencies.


  • Cannot run the lite version with 1 GPU.

Supported platform: Windows 10.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Grin, Monero, and Ethereum.

2) CCG Mining

CCG Mining is one of the best Ethereum mining software that allows you to trade a wide range of digital currencies, like Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, and more. This Ethereum mining software also helps you achieve the highest level of hash rate to boost your income.



  • Allows you to create your mining rig.
  • It is one of the best Ethereum miners that helps you keep your digital money secure using SSL.
  • It does not have any purchase limit.
  • You can trade currencies without any maintenance fee.
  • It helps you to calculate hash rates on the basis of your funding capabilities.


  • Maintenance fees are high.

Supported platforms: macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, ZCash, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

3) Cudo Miner

Cudo Miner is a crypto miner tool that enables you to earn as much money as possible from your PC or laptop. It is an easy to install, secure, and safe to use tool for your hardware. Cudo Miner provides support for CPU, GPU, and ASIC Ethereum mining machines.



  • Offers feature of auto coin switching to maximize profits.
  • Provides an advanced hashing algorithm for more customized mining.
  • Helps you manage and monitor your device’s performance, health, power, and run status with a single dashboard.
  • Provides security through multi-factor authentication.
  • Offers a command-line interface and headless design.
  • You can access it from a command-line interface.


  • Its withdrawal fees are slightly on the higher side.

Supported platform: Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, macOS, and Mobile.

Supported Coins: Beam, Bitcoin Good, Ethereum, Grin, Monero, Vertcoin, Zcoin, etc.

4) BetterHash

BetterHash is a cryptocurrency mining software that helps you to trade multiple cryptocurrencies without any setup. It provides an option to either transfer cryptocurrency to external wallets or store it in your account.



  • Helps you to mine profitable cryptocurrencies.
  • Allows you to pool direct hash power with no consent.
  • You can re-start the benchmarking process and access your online wallet.
  • It allows you to create a wallet for each digital currency you are trading.


  • Profitability potential is quite low.

Supported platform: Windows.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, ZCash, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold, Grin Coin, Raven Coin, etc.

5) Computta

Computta is an Ethereum mining software that enables you to mine digital currency. It offers a simple and intuitive interface. It is one of the best Ethereum mining software, which works invisibly in the background, so it doesn’t affect working or playing on your computer device.



  • You can set it up with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  • It is an automated tool. Therefore, there is no need for technical skills.
  • It is one of the best Ethereum miners that offers a detailed report based on your earnings.
  • You can customize it the way you like.


  • It takes 25% of your earnings as a maintenance fee.

Supported platform: All Windows and mobile systems.

Supported Coins: Ethereum and Monero.

6) Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is an easy-to-use Ethereum mining application, which allows you to quickly monitor the trading of Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies. It is one of the best Ethereum miners that provides customized triggers and actions.



  • It allows you to maximize profits and minimize downtime.
  • Awesome Miner displays GPU properties like clock speed, temperature, fan speed, etc.
  • Offers support for more than 50 mining software.
  • It can work with all ASIC devices.


  • No macOS application.

Supported platform: Windows and Linux.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

7) Minergate

Minergate is software that helps you to mine with just CPU or GPU. This Ethereum mining tool allows you to mine without investing in expensive hardware.



  • It offers a user-friendly interface.
  • It helps you to safely mine and deposit coins in their wallet.
  • Automatically finds the optimal currency to mine.


  • It offers very limited coins to mine.

Supported platform: Windows

Supported Coins: Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, etc.

8) NiceHash

NiceHash is an Ethereum mining program that enables you to mine and trade with ease. It helps you to manage all your mining activities remotely. This Ethereum miner app enables you to check mining status with ease.



  • It offers an option to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies.
  • It is one of the best Ethereum mining software that provides instant notifications.
  • Helps you to manage your profile with ease.
  • Its mobile app lets you manage your NiceHash account and your mining activities.
  • NiceHash offers a profitability calculator.


  • Bitcoin transfer fees are higher than other popular mining software.

Supported platforms: Windows 10, Android, and iOS.

Supported Coins: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Fantom, Raven Coin, Steller, Dogecoin, etc.

9) IQ Mining

IQ Mining is a mining platform that allows you to combine cloud mining with daily payments for forex margin trading, options, and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin. It gives an opportunity to multiply your potential income from crypto mining.



  • Allows you to withdraw your earnings on a daily basis.
  • Helps you purchase contracts with ease.
  • It provides daily payouts with instant withdrawals.


  • Non-responsive customer care service.

Supported platform: iOS and Android devices.

Supported Coins: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monaro, Ripple, Litecoin, and more.

10) Hashshiny

Hashshiny is an Ethereum mining software that allows you to find profitable pools with ease. It uses the newest ASIC miner and GPU rigs. It also provides a real-time mining hash rate within the application.



  • It helps you to decide which pools to mine.
  • Automatically performs the backup of the database.
  • You can control the mining process without any hassle.
  • Offers payment options like PayPal and cryptocurrency wallets.


  • Prices are higher than their competitors.

Supported platform: Android and iOS devices.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc.

11) StormGain

StormGain is an Ethereum mining application that enables you to mine digital currencies without any hassle. It provides a user-friendly dashboard for viewing assets rising and falling.



  • StromGain contains charting tools to track trends and price movements.
  • You can access all the popular cryptocurrencies 24/7.
  • This Ethereum mining program helps you to protect your cryptocurrency in a secure wallet.
  • It allows you to mine digital currencies without using expensive equipment.
  • Supported languages: English, Spanish, Italian, etc.


  • Not regulated mining software.

Supported platform: Web, Android, and iOS.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ethereum, Cardano, Neo, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.

12) Ethermine

Ethermine is an easy-to-use crypto mining software that provides real time statistics. This Ethereum mining program also provides accurate mining information.



  • It offers a professional help desk.
  • Provides a user-friendly dashboard and interface.
  • Shows warning upon invalid shares.
  • It provides notifications in email.
  • It offers an efficient mining engine.
  • This Ethereum mining pool does not get overloaded with large miners.


  • The profit calculator and actual profit earned may have large differences.

Supported platform: Windows.

Supported Coins: ZCash, Beam, Raven Coin, Ether, etc.

Link: https://ethermine.org/

13) Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining is mining software that offers cryptocurrency mining functionality. This software provides a variety of mining-related solutions to large and small-scale investors.



  • Helps you to mine any cryptocurrency mentioned in their catalog.
  • Provides periodic mining output to your wallet.
  • Ensures daily payouts for miners.
  • It is one of the best Ethereum mining software that helps you mine multiple cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.
  • You do not require much technical knowledge to get started.


  • Does not offer good customer support.

Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Supported Coins: Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

Link: https://www.genesis-mining.com/

14) Hive OS

Hive OS is an Ethereum mining platform that enables you to efficiently set up, mine, and control the mining processes. This mining software also helps you monitor your trading from a single dashboard.



  • Hive OS provides notifications via Telegram and Discord.
  • Offers statistics on different algorithms and miners.
  • It helps you to detect your mining rigs and add them to your management dashboard.
  • Helps you to switch between pools and pool servers.
  • It keeps your GPU near the target temperature.


  • Miners can only mine three cryptocurrencies.

Supported platforms: Windows, Android, and iOS.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ZCash, and Ethereum.

Link: https://hiveos.farm/

15) Mining Pool Hub

Mining Pool Hub is a mining application that allows you to easily mine the digital coin you want to get. It helps you to start mining in less time.



  • It allows you to mine with just CPU or GPU.
  • Offers profit switching facility for ASIC and GPU.
  • It helps you send mined coins automatically through the automatic payment feature.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface.


  • Miners have reported discrepancies in the number of coins mined.

Supported platform: Windows.

Supported Coins: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Raven Coin, ZCash, ZCoin, Zencash, etc.

Link: https://miningpoolhub.com/

16) MultiMiner

MultiMiner is a mining tool that helps you monitor, configure, and control any MultiMiner rig available on the network. This mining software maintains all personalizations you’ve made up to the point in a separate and dedicated network.



  • It is one of the best free Ethereum mining apps that offer Wizard to get started.
  • This free mining website provides an intuitive interface.
  • Provides notification alerts when it is profitable to consider mining.


  • It offers fewer customization options for advanced users.
  • You need additional software for Linux and macOS.

Supported platform: Windows and Linux.

Supported Coins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Vertcoin, etc.

Link: https://nwoolls.github.io/MultiMiner/


❓ What is Ethereum mining?

Mining Ethereum means more than just increasing the volume of Ether in circulation. It also means securing the Ethereum network while creating, verifying, and ad blocking the blockchain.

Compared to mining Bitcoin, Ethereum mining does take lots of electricity and computational power. The difficulty level adjusts itself automatically to produce one block after every 12 seconds.

⚡ What are the Best Ethereum Mining Software?

The best Ethereum Miner software programs are:

  • Kryptex
  • CCG Mining
  • Cudo Miner
  • BetterHash
  • Computta
  • Awesome Miner
  • Minergate
  • NiceHash
  • IQ Mining
  • Hashshiny

💻 What is Ethereum Mining software?

Ethereum Mining software are specialized tools that use the computing power of your system in order to mine cryptocurrencies. In exchange for mining operations, you can receive a monetary reward in the form of digital currency.

🚀 What are the reasons for mining Ethereum?

Here are the reasons for mining Ethereum:

  • First of all, a lot of other cryptocurrencies, startups, and various projects depend on Ethereum because they are built on the Ethereum network.
  • Ethereum is openly sourced and uses smart projects for the transactions happening within.
  • One of the main reasons why people mine Ethereum is because it’s quite profitable.
  • Ethereum is comparatively easy to mine but requires a specific type of Ethereum mining software.

🏅 How Ethereum Mining works?

Ethereum mining is a process in which the latest Ether coins are entered into circulation. By using Ethereum mining, you can earn money without investing. You need a GPU or Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners to set up a mining rig.

❗ How long does it Take to Mine Ethereum?

It takes around 10 minutes with the ideal equipment and computing power to mine one Ethereum, no matter how many miners are operational. However, it also depends on other factors, like mining equipment used, computational power, and competition.