7 BEST Automation Testing Services Companies (2023)

Automation testing involves configuring test environments, creating test cases, and performing tests to gain insights about software, APIs, and more. Test automation helps reduce costs, improve testing accuracy, and deliver a quality software product. Automation Testing companies can help you massively improve your product’s time to market and assist in your DevOps.

That’s why you should choose the best software testing services for your business. Our team did meticulous research to narrow down 7 of the best automation testing services for all your needs. Our analysis included evaluating all of the services based on their year of establishment, headquarters, and more.

Best Automation Testing Companies: Top Picks!

Name Automation Tools Support Employees Year Founded Link
Testlio Selenium, Appium, Playwright, Cypress… 10,000+ talent network 2012 Learn More
Infosys Selenium, UFT, Rational Robot 3,00,000+ 1981 Learn More
TestingXperts Smartbear, Tricentis, UFT 1200+ 2013 Learn More
TCS IBM Rational Robot, Selenium 6,00,000+ 1968 Learn More
Accenture Selenium, UFT, Tricentis 7,00,000+ 1989 Learn More
Expert Advice:

While choosing an automation testing service provider, you should always rely on service with some onshore presence. It is always best to choose a service with robust ML and AI-driven tools that can help in DevOps, maintenance, automation, etc.

1) Testlio

Best for flexible staffing and technology

The Testlio Quality Engineering Solution combines:

QE Talent: Automated testing talent is hard to find and expensive to retain. Testlio provides a global network of pre-vetted Quality Engineers, available on-demand, part-time, or full-time.

Governance: Every Testlio engagement incorporates client services to ensure automation is built to scale. Delivering a range of value added services including strategy, audits, and process controls.

Integrations: Testlio’s open platform, comprehensive framework support and integrations with test automation leaders such as BrowserStack and Sauce Labs ensure technology flexibility and portability.



  • Automated Test Development: Analysis, planning, creation, and implementation of automated testing scripts.
  • Test Automation Management: Automated tests are continuously executed, maintained, triaged and actioned.
  • Center of Excellence: Provides leadership, best practices, research, support, and training for quality engineering and automated software testing.
  • Flexible Framework: Testlio offers an extended test automation framework for easier maintenance, lower TCO on scripts and to ensure reusability.
  • Language and Library Diversity: Testlio supports multiple programming languages, frameworks and leverages the power of open source libraries, including Playwright, Selenium, Appium.
  • Fused Testing: Implement end-to-end testing workflows that intelligently combine automated test runs with triage and fallback to manual testing.
  • Runtime Environments: Support for local, private cloud, and public cloud runtime environments including BrowserStack, Sauce Labs, AWS, and Headspin.


  • Flexibility to blend on-demand and dedicated QE staffing to meet and adjust to capacity needs over time
  • Perpetual license to all automated test suites, and related framework components
  • Fused testing methodology blends automated and manual testing for end-to-end run management


  • Minimum commitment to annual testing services subscription

Key Specs:

Number of employees: 250+ Employees and 10,000+ freelancer network.
Year Founded: 2012.
Headquarters: Austin, TX.
Prominent Clients: PayPal, Uber, AthenaHealth, Paramount, Netflix

Visit Testlio >>

2) Infosys

Best for rapid end-to-end automation testing services

Infosys is one of the most renowned automation testing company serving more than 50 countries for the last 40+ years. It provides many services, including Security Testing, Performance Testing, and more. To accelerate your work, you can utilize its pre-existing test cases, processes, objects, and more.

Infosys’ robust Test Automation Accelerator allows for performing initial tests even when the application is under development. It combines components such as modelers, engines, libraries, and adapters, to ensure streamlined workflow and automation.



  • Concurrent Testing: It can perform test automation and manual testing in parallel to ensure better results.
  • Better DevOps: They are optimized for DevOps, allowing you to achieve integration of progressive test cases with automated executions.
  • ROI: Prebuild frameworks, optimized workflows, and robust SOPs ensure high efficiency and reduced initial investment.
  • Independent Validation: You can use it to perform in-depth treatment and tests on all applications to ensure greater reliability.
  • Streamline Workflow: Testers, programmers, and automation experts can perform independent development and testing simultaneously with ease.
  • Customer Support: They provide highly responsive customer service through email and online contact us forms.


  • User-friendly GUI allows non-technical users to configure and monitor test cases with ease.
  • It is designed to be capable of running over any industry standard automation services.
  • Uses robust SOPs and prebuilt tools/templates to speed up work at all stages.


  • Relatively expensive for SMEs.

Key Specs:

Number of employees: 300,000+.
Year Founded: 1981.
Headquarters: Bengaluru, India.
Prominent Clients: HSBC Bank, Bloomberg Media, ICICI Bank, and other Fortune 500 companies.

Link: https://www.infosys.com/services/validation-solutions/service-offerings/test-automation.html

3) TestingXperts

Best AI-driven services for automation testing

TestingXperts is one of the best automation testing companies that leverage AI and ML to ensure the best possible performance. Their modern AI and RPA-driven systems and algorithms ensure significantly faster market time, minimized costs, and greater accuracy.

TestingXperts performs an in-depth analysis of your systems and software to understand your use case and requirements. The study allows them to create tailor-made solutions according to your current automation solutions, requirements, proof of concept, implementation, and more.



  • Industries: It has vast experience in providing services such as consultation, functionality services, and DevOps for clients belonging to the banking, finance, retail, and commerce sectors.
  • Adaptability: It can be used to perform operations on the web, desktops, phones, and a wide range of other applications with ease.
  • Automation Framework: Robust Tx-Automate allows you to build robust, modular frameworks for test automation with minimum effort.
  • Services: It is proficient in providing a wide range of testing services such as RPA Testing, Digital Testing, Mobile App Testing, DevOps Testing, Cloud Testing, etc.
  • Multi-Platform Support: You can test your apps, services, APIs on different operating systems, environments, web browsers, and devices.
  • Reports: Provides you with customized test execution reports with a rich interface for quickly understanding the results of tests.


  • Boasts highly responsive customer support available through Online Chat, Email, Contact Us Form, and Phone.
  • Uses various techniques to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of tests and time to market.
  • It is designed to be ready to deploy and have easy maintenance, making it ideal for smaller businesses.


  • It has quite weak international services/support systems.

Key Specs:

Number of employees: 1200+.
Year Founded: 2013.
Headquarters: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.
Prominent Clients: Dominos, AMD, HP, Swiggy, etc.

Link: https://www.testingxperts.com/

4) TCS

Best overall testing service provider

TCS is among the best test automation companies creating an Automation-as-a-service setup rather than a Software-as-a-service. This helps speed up the workflow and minimize bottlenecks at every level to ensure faster time to market and early-stage detection of bugs/vulnerabilities.

TCS is an ideal test automation company that has provided robust services to clients in 50+ countries for the last 50+ years. They are among the flagbearers in technological development and research in Digital Sciences, Efficient Computing, Sustainable Futures, etc.



  • Technology: TCS has been constantly adopting newer technologies to provide its clients robust automation testing capabilities.
  • AI and ML: TCS is using advanced AI and ML-based automation processes to improve their testing and bring better results for users.
  • Robust AI Engine: Their robust AI engine can generate scripts in any language by interpreting them with an action sequencer and object identifier.
  • Testing Features: TCS provides many services, including bottleneck analysis, code profiling and optimization, on-demand performance testing, and more.


  • They use their AI, ML, and Augmented Learning (AL) algorithms to improve the quality of product delivery.
  • It helps identify failures and perform self-healing wherever it is possible.
  • Offers various services like cybersecurity, IoT, Consulting, Enterprise services, Sustainability services, etc


  • Customer support is not very responsive compared to the rest of the competition.

Key Specs:

Number of employees: 6,00,000+.
Year Founded: 1968.
Headquarters: Mumbai, India.
Prominent Clients: Adobe, IBM, Monday.com.

Link: https://www.tcs.com/insights/blogs/functional-test-automation-ai

5) Accenture

Best service with a modern testing approach

Accenture is among the best automation testing service providers that maximise the use of AI/ML-based technologies for improving all their services. It also helps you improve your applications’ performance and time-to-market while reducing costs. Its prebuilt templates eliminate the need for manually creating any test cases.

Accenture Touchless Testing Platform’s robust iterative optimization capabilities allow for removing redundant test cases. It helps maximize testing coverage while reducing efforts and costs. It will enable you to perform critical tests and checks without modifying your systems and codes. The streamlined approach improves quality and time to market.



  • Specialized Testing: It performs specialized human-centric testing across various technologies with ease.
  • Quality Control: Advanced AI and analytics-driven approach to qualify for systems and applications.
  • Modern Approach: DevOps and intelligent automation have streamlined the workflow. It merges development and testing to create a single continuous activity with all operations running parallel.
  • Services Offered: Services offered by Accenture include data analytics, application services, finance consulting, AI, Marketing, Security, Automation, etc.
  • End-To-End Transformation: Its robust solutions allow you to quickly adapt modern Agile and DevOps approaches for application development.


  • Performs real-time data monitoring and testing for fast detections and rectifications.
  • Robust automated and touchless approach to improve testing times.
  • It helps businesses perform low-code automation with a visual interface.


  • Not ideal for working with your DevOps.

Key Specs:

Number of employees: 7,00,000+.
Year Founded: 1989.
Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland.
Prominent Clients: Adobe, Dell, Google.

Link: https://www.accenture.com/us-en/services/testing-index

6) QualityLogic

Best for optimizing expenses while testing

QualityLogic is an ideal automation testing service to build a fully customized approach for your testing needs. It provides expert advice about what to automate and the best automation strategies for your use cases. It also gives estimates for ROI on your automation.

QualityLogic is among the best automation testing companies that integrates with your existing software stack and work harmoniously with your SDLC and processes. It provides various quality services in digital accessibility and innovative energy testing services as well. You can utilize its flexible model to create tailored solutions for your development environments and use cases.



  • On-Demand Assistance: It has a highly skilled workforce of developers, testers, and experts to serve you. Their state-of-the-art technology and tools can effectively handle your needs.
  • Customized Approach: They analyze your existing technology, requirements, and issues to create intelligent solutions specifically for you. Their team is experienced in designing customized approaches to protect your best interests.
  • Control: It is designed to adjust to your wants and requirements by giving you the most control and guarding your interests.
  • Efficiency: It helps you create highly efficient workflows that eliminate any expensive mistakes at the earliest stage. It also helps reduce your product’s time to market and improve performance through bottleneck optimization.
  • Testing Services: It offers a range of testing services, including software testing, intelligent energy, digital accessibility, usability testing, interoperability testing, etc.


  • Maintains a dedicated team for providing support and maintenance for new feature releases.
  • Provides many other testing services such as web automation testing, mobile app testing, etc.
  • Response customer support is available through Email, the Contact Us Form,


  • Not ideal for sizeable enterprise-grade projects.

Key Specs:

Number of employees: <2000.
Year Founded: 1986.
Headquarters: Boise, Idaho.
Prominent Clients: Verizon, Cisco, HP.

Link: https://www.qualitylogic.com/

7) Cigniti

Best testing provider for upscale businesses

Cigniti is an ideal software testing company for many use cases including automation testing. Its industry-leading algorithms optimize workflows and tests to improve release cycle times and optimize testing costs. They meticulously evaluate your needs and current technology to estimate costs and timelines accurately.

Its Velocita test automation accelerator program improves performance and testing times for desktop, web, and mobile-based applications. This software testing service provider has platform-independent solutions for testing automation processes across various sectors.



  • No-Script Test Automation: Helps create production-grade test automation without requiring scripting expertise.
  • AI Advancements: Uses AI to provide an adaptive framework supporting dynamically evolving automation artifacts in application tests.
  • Methodology: Cigniti has constantly been innovating and building proprietary techniques to identify and automate manual tests more effectively. It is designed to work with your existing Agile and DevOps setup.
  • Testing Capabilities: Apart from automation testing, Cigniti has various other services, such as Agile testing, Test Data management, ERP Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, etc.


  • Uses various AI algorithms for proper test suite optimization.
  • It provides some other services like DevOps Transformation, Security Assurance, etc.
  • Provides meticulously designed automation strategy aligned with your enterprise goals.


  • Limited autonomous management capabilities.

Key Specs:

Number of employees: 4000+.
Year Founded: 1998.
Headquarters: Hyderabad, India.
Prominent Clients: Cipla, Southwest, AstraZeneca.

Link: https://www.cigniti.com/

8) ThinkSys

Best for use-case-specific software testing

ThinkSys is one of the best software testing services with custom solutions for use case-specific needs. It offers various services such as functional testing, app testing, performance testing, and more. You can use their services to design specific solutions that prioritize your best interests and requirements.

ThinkSys helps perform in-depth requirement analysis, understanding your product, requirements, use case, and priorities before starting. This information is utilized to create customised pricing plans and unique solutions to prioritize your best interests. It also provides many other services like automotive, QA testing, quality testing, web extension development, etc.



  • Integration: ThinkSys team works closely with your company to create workflows that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.
  • Speed To Market: Streamlines systems and algorithms help speed up work and improve speed to market for your products.
  • Efficiency: They assist you in performing proper end-to-end testing with complete control and ensure faster time to markets.
  • Coverage: It easily navigates through the limitations of manual tests and ensures maximum test coverage for all your difficulties.


  • Their team assists you in performing a wide range of tests on your apps, websites, APIs, servers, etc.
  • Rigorous testing ensures high effectiveness, efficiency, and test coverage for your software.
  • It lets you perform comprehensive end-to-end automated application testing with ease.


  • It lacks versatility in working with various technologies, languages, and tech stacks.

Key Specs:

Number of employees: 200-500.
Year Founded: 2012.
Headquarters: Noida, India.
Prominent Clients: shutterstock, ProActive, Delight Me.

Link: https://www.thinksys.com/software-testing-services/


Automation testing services utilize modern software, advanced automation testing tools, and AI/ML-based algorithms to perform in-depth automation testing of various software like apps, APIs, packages, etc.

There are many best automation testing services can assist businesses with optimization and streamlining their software to ensure a better user experience. Furthermore, this service can help drastically reduce market time and improve efficiency at all levels.

Some of the test automation services for your needs are:

  • Testlio
  • Infosys
  • TestingXperts
  • TCS
  • Accenture
  • QualityLogic

Here are the critical things that must be considered while choosing an automation testing service:

  • Testing Capabilities: You should choose a service that can work with your tech stack and services. You should select a service that can perform API testing, security testing, package testing, etc.
  • Local Support: Choosing a service with a local workforce is always ideal rather than an offshore force. Local teams are much more capable of understanding and adapting to your needs.
  • Pricing: You should choose a service provider within your budget. Some ideal automation testing services offer customized plans to match your needs and provide better value for your money.
  • Customer Support: It is almost essential to have a responsive and useful customer support service that can quickly manage your issues.

The services outsourced by a QA team broadly vary based on the use cases and requirements of the team. However, some of the standard services outsource by QA teams are:

  • Test Automation: Test automation outsourcing allows businesses to leverage quality tools, scripts, and algorithms, to optimize the testing processes.
  • Security Testing: Critical functions like security testing are outsourced to industry experts with tremendous experience and knowledge. The right software development company can assist in discovering vulnerabilities and security threats with ease.
  • Performance Testing: Proper perform data-driven testing of apps, software, servers, APIs, and frameworks. They can help discover bottlenecks, optimize code, and more.
  • Functional Testing: With functional testing, businesses can ensure their services perform as expected. Best functional testing services help ensure all your functions and services work as expected.

Final Verdict

Our experts have performed in-depth analyses of the best automation testing services. Some of them are better suited for specific use cases. Here we will provide you with our final verdict with recommendations for various use cases and tasks.

  • If you want a service with complete end-to-end automated testing, you should choose Infosys.
  • If you are looking for AI-driven automation testing services, then TestingXperts is the ideal choice for you.
  • You should go for QualityLogic to optimize your costs and minimize expenses.