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Slack is a very popular team chat and collaboration tool. It offers a variety of features like real-time chat for internal communication, video calls, and lots of integrations. However, it might not work for every working environment as it has some drawbacks like limit of 10,000 message history limit, video chat becomes choppy when there are over three people, etc.

So, here, is a curated list of top 20 tools which are capable of replacing Slack. This list includes many commercial and open-source tools with popular features & latest download links.

1) Flock

Flock is a useful business management tool which allows your team to discuss projects, share ideas, and completed your work in real time. It helps you to boost your team's productivity and efficiency.


  • Provide support for creating notes and collaborate with your team on the go
  • Hosted in the cloud using AWS
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • You can integrate tools like Google Analytics, Google Drive, Dropbox, Twitter
  • Create and share code snippets with your team

Pricing: Basic use for free, $3 / user / month for full functionality

Download link: https://flock.com/in/

2) Fleep

Fleep is the best option for people who work more across organizational units than within any single department. You can use its messaging feature to communicate with people outside the Fleep environment.


  • Create customize teams and conversations with participants from within and across organizations
  • Audio-video calling and screen sharing
  • It is an open source tool platform which allows you to communicate with any other fleep user

Pricing: Free plan, Business plan for €5/user/month

Download link: https://fleep.io/

3) Yammer

Yammer is a social network workplace which allows the team to communicate effectively. The main job of this tool is to connect with people across your organization to work together.


  • Allows you to join meaningful discussions to move your work faster
  • You can keep docs, photos, and videos in context by adding them to conversations.
  • Helps you to collaborate in a community to share ideas and solve problems quickly

Pricing: Free for basic features, $3/month per user to user Yammer Enterprise edition

Download Link: https://www.yammer.com/

4) Chanty

Chanty is an easy to use team chat tool for small and medium-sized teams; The tool helps you to organizes all files, links, tasks, and conversations into folders in a feature called Team book.


  • Smart design and seamless and easy to navigate user experience
  • Get quick access to an entire message history and easily find people from your team
  • Allows you to share multiple contents in a single app
  • Keep only relevant people and conversations on your team

Pricing: You can use chanty's free plan which is limited to 10 people on a team. However, its paid plans start at $3 per user for each month

Download link: https://www.chanty.com/

5) Rocket Chat:

Rocket Chat is an open source easy to use team chat collaboration tool. It is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to host their chat service.


  • Audio and video conferencing, screen sharing
  • Customize your platform to make personalize by adding or removing features
  • Real-time translation support across 50 languages
  • Unlimited customization: themes, white labeling, and integrations

Pricing: Free

Download link: https://rocket.chat/

6) Ryver

Ryver helps you to integrates group chat, task management, and powerful workflow management using a single app. It Allows you to automate everyday business processes.


  • Unlimited Chat & Topics & File Sharing
  • Offers unlimited team & Personal Task Boards
  • Acts as a personal and team task managers
  • Unlimited Conversation Searching

Pricing: Starter pack $49, Unlimited $ 99, Enterprise $399 per month

Download link: https://ryver.com/

7) Twist

Twist is the communication tool which offers meaningful teamwork with fewer notifications. It allows you to create custom Groups to reach a team or department with one click


  • Allows Google authentication feature for hassle-free login
  • Automatically turns your threaded conversations into a searchable topics or catalog
  • Allows guest access for external clients or users

Pricing: Basic pack is free and Unlimited pack $ 5 per month

Download link: https://twistapp.com/

8) Glip:

Glip is a team collaboration and communication tool developed by RingCentral.It is a good alternative to slack as It can handles to do lists, calendars, files, notes, video calling, in a single place.


  • Screen sharing in online meetings
  • Superiore team messaging
  • Get access to free unlimited post, storage project, and more
  • Allows you to add a comment to share files directly, and organize based on project

Pricing: Basic plan starts $ 5 per month, pro plan will cost you $ 10 per month.

Download Link: https://glip.com/

9) Missive:

The missive is an award-winning communication team collaboration app. This app helps you to manage Facebook, SMS and Twitter account from a single place.


  • Team members can even proofread and simultaneously compose drafts in real-time
  • Allows you to conduct threaded chats from your inbox
  • Chat and email are handles using the same app

Pricing: Basic functionality is free, and upgrades available from $8 / user per month.

Download link: https://missiveapp.com/

10) Jandi

Jandi is a business messaging app with inbuilt productive features. The tool allows fast communication, file sharing, and quick feedback.


  • Allows multiple conversations in a single chat
  • Files upload in JANDI will never expire and are accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Helps you to build an effective collaboration environment by setting membership status
  • You can receive reminders and notifications from Trello, JIRA, Google Calendar, and more!

Pricing: Three plan is available for this tool. Free, Premium which cost yearly subscription Fee $ 5 per month per member, Enterprise $ 9 per month per member.

Download link: https://www.jandi.com/landing/en

11) Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq which is earlier known as Zoho chat helps you to easily communicate and collaborate. The tool offers the feature of user-centered chat which helps you to direct communication with a specific team member.


  • You can view multiple conversations at once in column style layout
  • Cliq makes files sharing easy with your colleagues
  • Easy Integrations with third-party apps and other Zoho tools
  • Make your conversations more exciting and fun by adding Emojis

Pricing: Basic model available for free, $1.5 /user/month

Download link: https://www.zoho.com/cliq/

12) Mattermost

Mattermost is a secure messaging workplace. It can be deployable to cloud or on-premises. The tool allows deeper customization to match exact business models according to your needs.


  • Allows you to migrate HipChat users and message histories

  • Empowers teams to chat less while staying informed and ultimately accomplish their set goals
  • Mattermost stores securely and makes searchable all workplace communication
  • Compatible with hybrid architectures and deployable to both public and private cloud

Pricing: Basic team plan is free, Advance plans as Enterprise E10 cost you yearly 39 pers user/ Enterprise E20 not disclosed.

Download link: https://mattermost.com/

13) Wimi

Wimi is a digital collaboration and team chat tool. It helps companies stay organized and make teamwork more efficiently. Wimi allows you to perform messaging to calendars to documents with version management.


  • Workspaces for project management
  • Sync files and folders on your desktop, which you can access it anywhere even when you are offline
  • Allows you to link and centralize your existing apps into Wimi
  • Helps you to boost the productivity of your team

Pricing: Basic pack is free with three users, S9 per user per month for a drive, $ 15 per month, Enterprise pack cost you S18 per month.

Download link: https://www.wimi-teamwork.com/

14) Stackfiled

Stackfield combines the encrypted project management tool. It allows you to communicate in workspaces, collaborate on the task of their projects, and collaboratively manage documents.


  • Exchange information with your colleagues using group chat or create a new discussion to talk about important topics
  • Communicate over secure data rooms with your partners, investors or external project participant
  • The data are encrypted directly in the browser and are also stored encrypted on stackfiled servers
  • Provide support for sharing sensitive documents and communicate securely with your colleagues

Pricing: Staring from $7.50 / user / month

Download link: https://www.stackfield.com/

15) Azendoo

Azendoo is a work collaboration tool which allows you to plan, organize, collaborate and track your team's work from one single place. The tool allows you to easily integrate your applications and migrate your existing tasks and projects.


  • Helps you to reduce time spent on emails and meetings
  • Easily organize your personal work, team projects
  • Centralize all your team communication to stay updated in real time
  • Allows you to measure performance to recognize areas of improvements

Pricing: You can avail this tool by subscribing three different models.

  1. Starter cost you S7.50 per month
  2. Business pack cost you $15 per month
  3. Enterprise pack cost you $ 29 per month.

Download link: https://www.azendoo.com/

16) Quip

Quip is a productivity suite which allows you to combines documents, spreadsheets and checklist with team chat. It helps your team to complete their task with less email, and fewer meetings.


  • Chat built into every document and spreadsheet
  • Allows you to create a culture of action
  • Helps your team to focus on high-value work
  • Makes decisions process faster

Pricing: $30 / month for a team of five, and $10 per every additional user

Download link: https://quip.com/

17) Samepage.io

Samepage is an all in one collaboration software which allows your team to work, fast and efficient manner. The tool provides support for video conferencing, task management, file sharing, and real-time document collaboration.


  • Organize a team, project content, and conversations in teams to make collaboration easier and more secure
  • Connecting with your team or an entire team via video, voice, or text is always one click or tap away
  • Allows you to drag & drop files on a page and edit them in place to share changes with the team automatically
  • You vsm divide and sperate to-do list
  • Assign tasks set reminders and remove unnecessary chatter

Pricing: It offers tool types of pricing structure Free for 10 pages and 1 GB storage and Pro & Enterprise $7 per user.

Download link: https://www.samepage.io/

18) Bitrix24

Bitrix24 collaboration tool allows you to combine communication with Task management, CRM, projects time is tracking and document sharing.


  • Free video conferencing in Bitrix24 up to 10 users
  • Feature of view and modify project planning timeline
  • Allows you to use the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 directly runs on your server
  • Offers Document management & Calendar and planning

Pricing: The tool is available in four variant. 1. Free up to 12 users, 2. $ plus plan for 35 users, 2: standard plan for 50 users at $ 89, and Professional plan for $179.

Download Link: https://www.bitrix24.com/

19) Crugo

Crugo allows you to communicate with our colleagues in an instant with real-time messaging. It allows connect all your team members and helps you to increase transparency across your team.


  • Helps you to manage calendar schedules and delegate project tasks together through shared groups
  • Offers personal human support for each client
  • Crugo adapts to your working environment, and all your devices will sync seamlessly

Pricing: Crugo's basic pack is free, for starter pack you need to pay $ 6 per user, Growth plan cost your $ 10 per month use for large size organization.

Download link: https://crugo.com/

20) Hubgets

Hubget allows coverage communication which makes your business more productive. The allows the team to access and contribute knowledge base



  • Reach any member of your team with instant messaging
  • Team Boards for posting updates
  • Engage with partners and grow happy customers
  • Business PBX for enterprise customers

Pricing: Limited functionality available for free, paid plans from $2.50 /user/month.

Download link: https://www.hubgets.com/