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This tutorial demonstrates how you can develop a script directly in EXPERT view in QTP

Please be patient. The Video will load in some time. If you still face issue viewing video click here

Video Transcript with Key Takeaways highlighted

  • Suppose my objective is to code the following statement directly in keyword view
  • Dialog(Login).WinEdit(Agent Name:).Set Guru99
  • In QTP screen when I press Cntrl + spacebar ,a list containing of all possible properties , methods is shown
  • Also the list shows the objects stored in the object repository
  • Select Dialog
  • As soon as I open the parentheses , object name login is auto populated , if there are more than one object for the same object type a list is displayed
  • On pressing the . key a list of all the methods for the Dialog object  and its child objects are displayed. Select WinEdit
  • On inputting the dot operator a list of methods for Winedit box is displayed select SET