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This tutorial uses Object Property Modification to address the property change issue faced in Tutorial 20 (smart identification).It is recommeded you go through Tutorial 20 before taking this tutorial


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Video Transcript with Key takeaways highlighted


  • You may have observe that smart identification slows down script execution which is not desirable
  • To avoid smart identification , we can change the default object identification properties
  • In QTP , Object Identification , lets remove "name" from the mandatory properties and replace it with "html id" to make our test independent of name changes
  • You can re-record the same steps for the script
  • Now if you change the name from "Submit" to "Login" and run the script the script executes without any smart identification
  • Similarly , in your application under test if any of the mandatory or assistive properties change frequently for an object you can replace it with some other suitable property  to enable faster script execution
  • Property tweaking is an experience game field and you will pick it up as you age with the tool