Python is one of the most popular programming languages. Currently, each of the following six languages are being used by programmers for developing both desktop and web applications. That is why, it is important for programmers to compare Python with JAVA, RUBY, PHP, TCL and Perl to pick the right language for their projects.

Programming Languages
Difference between Python and other languages
  • Python takes less time to develop although it is expected to run slower than Java programs
  • Due to Python high-level data types and its dynamic typing programs are shorter than Java programs
  • Although both these languages are considered similar in many ways, Perl supports common application-oriented task like report generating, file scanning, etc.while Python supports for common programming methodologies like data structure design and OOPs programming for programmers making language to readable code
  • Tcl is a standalone programming language it is considered weak on data structures
  • It is slower in executing code compared to Python
  • Python has easy to read code while PHP has more syntax from C/C++ and Perl
  • In Python, classes are used extensively in the standard library while PHP has SPL which is fully class based
  • Python supports structured exception handling while most PHP functions do not use exceptions for reporting errors
  • Development features in Python are provided by an add-on while in PHP it is built in
  • Python supports major GUI frameworks
  • Compare to Ruby, Python has a rich set of data structures, internal functions, better namespace handling and use of modules and iterators
  • Python supports multiple inheritance while Ruby does not
  • To close all its scopes, Ruby requires "end" or "}" while Python uses the white space only.
  • RUBY is preferred for Web development and functional programming while Python for Academic and scientific programming.
  • Ruby work on “Do more with less.” Philosophy while PYTHON “One right way to do things”
  • Python code is quite shorter than most other programming languages like C or C++.
  • Python is a dynamically typed language, while C++ is a statically typed language.
  • Python is server side. JavaScript is client side.
  • Python uses indentation and whitespace. JavaScript uses curly brackets to designate blocks of code.