Private Internet Access (PIA) for Torrenting in 2024

PIA for Torrenting

For a frequent torrent user, having a reliable VPN connection is crucial. Private Internet Access (PIA) provides plenty of features to ensure the best torrenting experience. It is one of the best Virtual Private Network services that offer secure internet access and privacy protection.

Moreover, you get the ability to bypass geo-restrictions with its 29,300 servers in 84 countries. The primary concern is the safety of employing PIA for torrenting and the techniques to enhance its benefits if proven safe.

Here are a few torrenting problems that you need to sort out:

  • Slow Internet: Unstable Internet could make torrenting fail. Ensure that you have a reliable Internet connection.
  • System Glitch: Fix any system glitches or errors that may affect the downloading or uploading of torrents.
  • Application Malfunction: Check if the torrent client is updated and functioning properly before downloading any files.
  • Malware Risk: Be cautious of viruses in your computer. Take steps to protect it using Antivirus.

Once you are done with these, it is time to adjust your VPN and torrent client settings.

Method 1: How to Configure a PIA VPN Client for Torrent Downloads

Torrenting is a fast and convenient way of sharing files. It uses the peer-to-peer (P2P) network to distribute the content over the internet. This act breaches the legal boundaries when non-copyright content gets involved. Therefore, some internet service providers restrict downloading torrent files.

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN is the right way to avoid this ban. However, properly configuring the PIA VPN client for torrenting is essential.

Here are steps to set up a VPN client of PIA for torrenting:

Step 1) Open PIA VPN app on your device and log in using your Username and Password.

Configure a PIA VPN Client for Torrent

Step 2) Hit the large round power button to connect to the VPN.

Configure a PIA VPN Client for Torrent

Step 3) Press the three dots at the top and select Settings from the drop-down.

Configure a PIA VPN Client for Torrent

Step 4) Navigate to the Privacy tab from the side menu and enable VPN Kill Switch.

Configure a PIA VPN Client for Torrent

Step 5) Tap on VPN SERVER to select any server, as they all allow P2P file sharing.

Configure a PIA VPN Client for Torrent

Step 6) Open on your browser and click Activate in the Torrent Address detection section.

Configure a PIA VPN Client for Torrent

Step 7) Click on this magnet link to check if your torrent IP address is changed.

Configure a PIA VPN Client for Torrent

Step 8) Now, you can download files on your torrent client.

Configure a PIA VPN Client for Torrent

Method 2: How to Setup SOCKS5 Proxy of Private Internet Access for Torrenting

PIA VPN comes with SOCKS5 Proxy that allows you to bypass any restriction while providing a good speed. SOCKS5 Proxy gets enabled for all torrent services from the settings of the PIA VPN. However, activating it on your particular torrent client is also a good idea.

Here are steps to automatically set up PIA SOCKS Proxy for all torrent clients:

Step 1) Go to the Multi-Hop tab in your Private Internet Service (PIA) VPN.

Setup SOCKS5 Proxy of Private Internet Access

Step 2) To access proxy options, check Multi-hop and Obfuscation.

Setup SOCKS5 Proxy of Private Internet Access

Step 3) Click SOCKS5 Proxy option to set it up for your device.

Setup SOCKS5 Proxy of Private Internet Access

Step 4) Enter the VPN IP address from the Netherlands. And click OK.

Setup SOCKS5 Proxy of Private Internet Access

Note: Register it on your Torrent client’s settings to ensure the VPN works fine.

Method 3: Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

The BitTorrent client, uTorrent, is used to download and share big files over the internet. It is also a product of BitTorrent Inc. However, uTorrent is widely accepted for its simple and intuitive interface.

The torrent client is easy for people of all levels of technical expertise. Moreover, its ability to download files quickly, even on slow or congested networks, makes it everybody’s favorite.

Despite all these features, safety is still a big concern using uTorrent. You must use uTorrent with PIA’s SOCKS5 Proxy for a tension-free torrenting experience.

Here are steps to install SOCKS5 Proxy on uTorrent to setup private internet access:

Step 1) Launch the PIA app on your computer and go to the Account settings.

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Step 2) Click on Manage My Account next to your username.

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Step 3) Login using your credentials provided by PIA through email.

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Step 4) Open the Downloads tab and scroll down to the bottom.

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Step 5) Hit the Generate link in the SOCKS section to get the username and password.

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Step 6) Run the uTorrent app on your computer or mobile.

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Step 7) Go to the Preferences by clicking on the Options tab.

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Step 8) Navigate to the Connection settings from the side menu.

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Step 9) Under the Proxy Server section, Select Socks5 type, and enter this information in Proxy and Port section.

  • Proxy:
  • Port: 1080

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Step 10) Copy and paste the regenerated credential for the Socks proxy and then check all the settings, as shown in this picture.

Manually Setup uTorrent with PIA SOCKS5 Proxy

Note: Click Apply and OK to save the settings. Now you can start torrenting on your device.

Torrenting Safely and Securely Using PIA VPN

After following the methods given above, your online security will enhance significantly. A few things could still be done to optimize PIA for torrenting. One of them is simply enabling port forwarding. While it may compromise your security, this method will increase the speed.

Here are steps to turn on Port Forwarding on PIA VPN:

Step 1) Disconnect your PIA Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Torrenting Safely and Securely Using PIA

Step 2) Click on the Network tab from the sidebar.

Torrenting Safely and Securely Using PIA

Step 3) Check the Request Port Forwarding to enable it on your VPN.

Torrenting Safely and Securely Using PIA

Step 4) Reconnect to the VPN and copy the new five digits code under the VPN IP address.

Torrenting Safely and Securely Using PIA

Step 5) Open Connection settings on uTorrent by going through Options > Preferences.

Step 6) Paste that code in front of the Port option and save the settings.

Torrenting Safely and Securely Using PIA

You may also utilize Private Internet Access’s split tunneling option. It lets you prioritize your torrent client and put other apps off the VPN connection. This way, your torrent file will have a dedicated server to download quickly.

Is PIA a Good VPN for Torrenting? Why It’s Top Choice for Torrent Users

Private Internet Access reviews are very positive. Ensuring privacy without compromising on performance makes PIA a reliable VPN for torrenting.


  • Torrenting Compatibility: Works with all torrent clients to provide fast and reliable downloading. Unlike many other VPNs, PIA supports p2p traffic on all its servers.
  • Reliable Protocols: WireGuard and OpenVPN are industry-leading protocols. These capabilities enable you to enjoy torrenting while maintaining high-speed and robust encryption.
  • Device Compatibility: Private Internet Access (PIA) may be utilized on all devices thanks to the IKEv2 protocol.
  • Simultaneous Connections: You can use one VPN account on multiple devices at the same time.
  • Abundant Servers: Enjoy torrenting with tons of VPN IP addresses across 84 countries. It enables you to watch your favorite movie on a famous streaming service that may be blocked in your region.
  • Unrestricted Bandwidth: Private Internet Access (PIA) offers unlimited bandwidth with all its packages.
  • Fast Speed: The strong server network with advanced technology allows you to enjoy fast internet speed. Download unlimited content with pia torrents at a rapid pace.
  • Kill Switch: When your VPN connection suddenly drops, Kill Switch will disconnect you from the internet. It keeps you protected from accidentally exposing your device to potential threats.
  • Advanced Encryption: Download torrents while keeping your IP hidden with military-grade encryption. PIA offers AES 128 and 256-bit encryption. Both give security from IP leaks while torrenting.
  • Zero-logging Policy: PIA VPN has no log policy to ensure privacy for all its users. It does not store your personal information besides what you provide while signing up.
  • Split Tunneling: This feature lets you select which apps you want to use the VPN. You can dedicate the whole server to just downloading torrents. It will ensure safety while providing fast speed.
  • SOCKS5 Proxy: It offers a SOCKS5 proxy feature for enhanced privacy and security while downloading torrents.
  • Port Forwarding: On PIA, port forwarding allows you to connect with more peers. This allows you to download or upload torrent files rapidly. However, Port forwarding is not available on US servers.
  • Pricing: PIA is an affordable Virtual private network available on the market.
  • Free Demo: If you don’t want to spend money, try the VPN before paying for it. PIA has a 7-day free trial for Android and iPhone users. Also, with a 30-day money back, you can get it on other Operating Systems.

Comparing PIA with Other VPNs for Torrenting

Private Internet Access VPN comes at the top compared to other VPN services. It is best for P2P file sharing as it has a bunch of features. Privacy and security are the primary concerns when downloading torrents, but with PIA, you do not have to worry about it.

Here is the comparison of PIA with other notable VPN providers for torrenting:

#1 Best Overall

Private Internet Access


VPN Provider PIA NordVPN ExpressVPN
Servers 29300 5000+ 3000+
P2P File Sharing Yes Yes Yes
Kill Switch Yes Yes Yes
Port Forwarding Yes No Yes
Split Tunneling Yes Yes Yes
No-Log Policy Yes Yes Yes
Our Review We rate VPNs based on factors such as Speed, User Experience, Bandwidth, Countries Supported, Pricing, No Log Policy etc.
Excellent – 9.8
5 Star Rating
Excellent – 9.7
4.5 Star Rating
Good – 9.6
4.5 Star Rating
Free trial VPNs offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you must subscribe to the 1-month plan first. 7-Days on Android, iPhone, & iPad 30 days 7-Days on Android, iPhone, and iPad
Link Try Free Now Try Free Now Try Free Now


In conclusion, Private Internet Access (PIA) can be your go-to option for torrenting. It provides a safe and private connection with strong encryption. Moreover, you get Kill Switch and SOCKS5 proxy for downloading at a fast speed. However, it’s important to remember that VPN can only provide protection. It does not make illegal activities such as copyright infringement or piracy legal.