Magoosh Review: Is their GRE Prep worth it?

What is Magoosh?

Magoosh GRE Prep is an ideal option for students who want a high score in GRE (Graduate record examination). They offer some top-rated study materials at affordable prices. All study material plans are entirely online and accessible from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

You can submit any GRE related questions you have into Magoosh’s dashboard, and you will get a response from their best GRE course tutors. This course offers many streamlined dashboards and other user-friendly features, along with an affordable cost, which makes this study material site stand out from the competition.

Magoosh Review

OVERALL RATING: 4.6 (119 ratings)

In this Magoosh Review, you will learn:

Magoosh GRE packages:

Here are some most common GRE tutoring options from Magoosh:

GRE ETS package Topic Practice hours Price
Starter package General 2-3 test preparation areas pay $100 per hour
The Verbal plan Focuses on verbal ability lessons lasts 4 hours $87.50 per hour
Math package Covers only match the section. 4-hours quantitative focused lessons $85.50 per hour
Premium plan Mathematical and verbal GRE sections 8 hours 75 per hour

Key statics

Here are some key statistics about Magoosh:

Refund policy:

If you are not happy with the Magoosh GRE course, you can email them within 7 days of purchase and they will provide a complete refund of your purchase. However, if you have purchased a Magoosh course using a non-US credit card and requested a refund, some credit card companies may charge you a foreign currency transaction fee.

User-Friendly Navigation:

The Magoosh site is incredibly user friendly and offers customized learning and flexibility. You just need to click on the section you want to explore and get the information.


The dashboard of Magoosh is easy to navigate. It allows you to navigate wherever you need, like practice tests and questions, suggested lessons, your personalized review section, etc. Magoosh has very easy navigation for websites and apps, which allows you to focus more on your study.

Customer support

The customer support of Magoosh is excellent, as they quickly resolve any queries you have while using GRE course material provided by Magoosh. They also offer 24/7 quick and helpful email support to the learners.

Key features of Magoosh

Here are some important features of Magoosh:

  • Offers 200+ video lessons
  • More than 1,000+ practice questions
  • 3 practice exams
  • Instant feedback and progress tracking to turn your weaknesses into strengths
  • Study schedule for different timelines
  • Score prediction and Performance analysis
  • Allows you to choose from a month to 6-month access of the premium courses
  • +5 score increment guarantee
  • Email and Messaging assistance from tutors

Advantages of Magoosh GRE material

Here are the pros/benefits of studying Magoosh GRE material:

  • Numerous Study Schedule Options: Magoosh’s study plans vary in duration. As they offer plans from one week to six months. You can enroll for any of the GRE plans based on your time before taking the final GRE test.
  • Price: You will get a 6 Month Premium subscription at a very affordable price covering all sections of the GRE. It is hard to find such materials and at such a price.
  • Authentic Materials: All the questions present in Magoosh practice materials are similar to those featured in the real GRE test. They are listed based on their difficulty, making it easier for you to find according to your study level.
  • Access from All Devices: You can access all these valuable study materials from any device you have, such as laptop, tablet, and even smartphone. This GRE course platform is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Free Trial: Magoosh offers a free trial for their GRE test prep, which gives you access to over 20 practice questions and 20 video lessons.
  • Mobile Access: You can access your Magoosh subscription from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. You can access all your GRE lessons from anywhere with Magoosh App.
  • Customizable Practice Sessions: In Magoosh GRE study practice sessions, you can choose which practice problems to study based on your own specific needs. You can select the difficulty level, number of questions, types of issues, and sections of the GRE you want to study.

Disadvantages of Magoosh:

Here are the cons/drawbacks of studying Magoosh GRE material:

  • Lack of Guidance: This GRE prep program of Magoosh is completely self-guided. It may not be the best study solution for those who need a direct or hands-on approach. In Magoosh course, no one tracks your progress, so you need to be self-motivated while taking this course.
  • Fewer Practice Tests: Students can generate several practice tests from their group of unanswered questions. However, Magoosh only provides 3 practice tests while providing all the other questions for practice. So, when you finish your GRE prep, the last step is to take full-length practice tests.
  • No Live Classesโ€“only Recorded Lessons: Magoosh GRE does not provide any classes or tutoring compare to its competitors. So if you want personal assistance, then Magoosh may not be the best suitable course for you.
  • Not a Precise GRE Score Predictor:Although Magoosh offers a score predictor, it does not give an accurate prediction about your score, which is not helpful for most students.

Important Magoosh Alternatives


Princeton Review is a GRE prep course that supports self-paced, in-person, and live online learning. This study website enables you to keep track of your progress using a user-friendly dashboard. It allows you to perform Magoosh review by time, subject, category, and difficulty.

Kaplan GRE

Kaplan is a GRE course study site that offers a personalized study plan. It provides live instruction on the GRE channel for the students. This study site has experienced teachers that give you individual attention.

Kalpan offers a free consultation service to the learner who want to get a good score in GRE. It also includes a question bank that can be easily customized as per topic.

Manhattan Prep:

Manhattan Prep GRE is a study site that offers live and in-depth GRE classes. It helps you to learn the subjects at your grasping level. This website offers a one-day workshop that helps you to get prepared for GRE. Manhattan Prep also allows you to customize the learning experience.

Other Magoosh Courses:

Here are some important Magoosh Courses:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Magoosh SAT

Magoosh SAT course is designed to help students improve their SAT scores by studying just 20 minutes per day.

The practice questions for SAT prepare are well designed to provide students with the word class learning experience. The exercise questions have their explanation in videos that address concepts, difficulties, and links.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Magoosh MCAT

Magoosh MCAT is another course provided by Magoosh, which helps you get the best preparation for the latest MCAT exams. This course has been fully updated to accommodate your preparation requirements for the latest MCAT exam course to help you improve your score.

It enables you to practice at your own pace with full-length and shortened tests for the 2020 MCAT exam. This course offers hundreds of questions and in-depth video lessons covering all the important concepts you want to know.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Magoosh LSAT

Magoosh LSAT is a universally accessible plan which consists of in-depth video lessons covering concepts, pitfalls, shortcuts that help improve your score. This course comes with a number of important LSAT questions from top-scoring tutors and experts.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Magoosh GMAT

This platform provides you with the latest and best-tested materials. Magoosh GMAT prep reviews are generally positive due to the platform’s customized training schedules for students.

This course provides detailed video tutorials, explanations, reviews, and text-based content that improve your chances of clearing GMAT exams.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Magoosh ACT

The Magoosh ACT prep course helps you improve your score by 4+ points. It also offers a money-back guarantee. There are many video explanations for every questions. You will also get smart feedback and progress tracking that helps you turn your weaknesses into strengths.

This personalized course help you to prepare for ACT test. It also offers curated study schedules to help you fast-track for racking up higher points in your ACT test.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Magoosh TOEFL

The Magoosh TOEFL prep course enables you to improve your TOEFL scores. The platform has more than 150 lesson videos from basic to advanced English grammar courses, over 300 practice questions, which helps you prepare for the TOEFL online exam.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Magoosh Praxis

The Magoosh Praxis is another important course that consists of high-quality questions and answers, premium videos lessons, a simple design layout, and distinguishing features that can help you drastically improve your score.

The Magoosh Praxis course is designed to help teachers to learn everything in order to become a successful educator.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Magoosh IELTS

Magoosh IELTS program comes with the guarantee to improve your IELTS score by preparing the most reliable materials. This is the most recent material based on careful analysis of student responses that will help you learn fast and improve your chances of clearing the exam with a higher score.

Buying Guide:

โ“ How accurate is the Magoosh score predictor?

Magoosh has been collecting GRE scores from their students since 2009 to use in their score predictor algorithm.

Various Magoosh reviews prove that students’ claims about their Magoosh predicted score are within 5 or 10 points of their GRE score. However, some of them also received on the spot ETS GRE prediction.

So, suppose you are taking Magoosh’s GRE course. In that case, you should be rest assured that the questions and score predictions you receive will be similar to the actual ETS GRE score.

โšก What is the Score guarantee, and how it works?

The score improvement guarantee is given to the student who wants to complete their premium programs as they are more detailed.

The score improvement guarantee with Magoosh is useful for every student who completes their premium programs.

Magoosh offers a complete refund for your premium package if you have take the GRE test before and your score does not improve your previous score.

โ— Do I get practice tests?

In Magoosh Premium, you will have access to full-length practice tests that accurately reflect what you will see on the test day, including an ungraded writing section.

The tests are generated from the pool of unanswered questions. They have created 3 practice tests saving the remaining questions for GRE student’s practice.

๐Ÿ… How close is the material to actual tests?

Magoosh is known for the accuracy of its materials and tests. These preparation tests are formulated by experts, which is close to the actual tests. This is confirmed by various Magoosh reviews that we came across during the research.