10 Best Discord Emoji Maker (Dec 2022 Emote Update)

Discord is a communication platform for gamers and content creators. It allows users to communicate through voice, text, video calls and file sharing, gaming, and social networking features. Emojis are a fun and integral part of communicating on Discord.

You can use animated Emojis on Discord to express your feelings, emotions, reactions, and more! Nowadays, Discord Emojis also become popular among gamers. They can convey information quickly during the chat or voice call with your teammates while playing multiplayer games.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Emoji Markers Apps with their popular features and website links.

Best Discord Emoji Maker

Name Key Features Link
Fiverr • Research each designer
• You can read the reviews that others have left on their profile and pay attention to their artwork
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Kapwing • It helps you to create a gesture to entertain your Discord friends.
• You can edit your picture and turn it into a Discord emote easily.
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Emotes Creator • You can create custom emotes.
• Download your customize discord emoji instantly.
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1) Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace full of freelancers willing to create unique emoji which you can use on Discord. This marketplace allows you to create anything on this platform that includes Discord emojis.



  • Custom emotes
  • Research each designer
  • You can read the reviews that others have left on their profile and pay attention to their artwork
  • You can look for a creator whose work stands out to you
  • Price: According to Discord Emoji

Visit Fiverr >>

2) Kapwing

Kapwing is a Discord emote maker that offers all the needed tools and features to make an emoji. It also offers you various options to make your emoji just the way you want it.



  • It helps you to create a gesture to entertain your Discord friends.
  • You can edit your picture and turn it into a Discord emote easily.
  • You can create an emoji according to your customized need.
  • Three pricing plans: 1) Free $0 2) Pro $16 3) For Teams $16- per month.

Visit Kapwing >>

3) Emotes Creator

Emotes Creator is an easy-to-use discord emoji maker app that lets you choose a few different styles and provides various customizations.

Emotes Creator


  • It allows you to create your custom Twitch Emotes, Badges, and Panels.
  • You can create custom emotes.
  • Download your customize discord emoji instantly.
  • Price: According to Discord Emoji.

Visit Emotes Creator

4) Adobe Stock Emojis

Adobe Stock Emojis offers hi-resolution and royalty-free licensing. It offers access to a range of content and collection themes.

Adobe Stock


  • You can streamline your workflow by searching, previewing, and licensing within Adobe apps.
  • It offers Image and aesthetic search filters that help you to search for your perfect asset.
  • Pricing plans: 1) US$29.99/month- 10. Standard assets a month. 2) $79.99/month- 40 Standard assets a month 3) $199.99/month- 750 Standard assets a month.

Visit Adobe Stock >>

5) Etsy

Etsy is an online discord emoji maker app for crafters and designers. You can find numerous emote creators on the platform you can browse through their portfolios to find someone to work with.



  • You can find Emoji discord at different prices
  • Allows you to add your server’s name, create stickers, or make avatars of your mods
  • You can purchase custom animated emojis for your community
  • Price: According to Discord Emoji

Link: https://www.etsy.com/in-en/market/emoji_discord

6) MakeEmoji

MakeEmoji is an easy-to-use application that helps you to create professional quality emojis with ease. It offers an option to download custom-built animated emojis or make an emoji that you would like to use on Discord.



  • You can create animated and custom emoji GIFs for Slack and Discord.
  • You have the option of downloading custom-built emojis or making an animated emoji.
  • This emotes maker app allows you to form a wide variety of categories and genres.
  • Pricing: Free.

Link: https://makeemoji.com/

7) Bitmoji

Bitmoji is a mobile app that helps you to customize your emoji. It helps you to create an expressive avatar. It also offers a customized option with a great UI.



  • The keyboard stays out of the way of other programs
  • Select from a vast library of emojis
  • You can send Bitmojis to anyone using any app
  • Provide Bitmoji for Games SDK brings the world’s avatar into your game
  • Helps you to make changes or adjustments to your emoji
  • Supported platforms: iOS and Android

Link: https://www.bitmoji.com/

8) Emoji.gg

Emoji. gg is the ideal Discord emote creator app for you. It offers you full control of every aspect of the creation process, from different shapes to colors and much more.



  • Helps you to make a genuinely expressive emote to entertain your Discord friends.
  • You can download the emoji with a single click.
  • It offers complete control over the creation process, with many exciting tools at your disposal.
  • It helps you to create a genuinely expressive gesture.

Link: https://emoji.gg/

9) Zmoji

Zmoji is an emoji maker app that helps you to create and share customizable emojis. It allows users to create fun, expressive Discord emojis based on a personal avatar.



  • You can download them and send them over to your Discord server for upload.
  • Provides an option to choose from facial recognition or Manual Creation.
  • Quick to Send on Conversation.
  • Plenty of Stickers for The Perfect Moment.
  • Numerous animated emoji templates are available.
  • Supported platforms: iOS and Android.

Link: https://www.zmoji.me/

10) Own3d

Own3d is the most popular website for discord owners and streamers. It has a massive collection of emojis, banners, overlays, and more. It offers the largest source for custom discord emoji creation.



  • It allows you to create custom emotes for Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, or Discord.
  • It offers numerous designs and styles to browse through.
  • Own3d Discord Emoji Maker Website.
  • You can customize every detail of your animated emojis to fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Visit Own3d >>

How to Make Custom Emotes on Discord PC & Mac

Here’s are the steps to upload your Discord Custom Emojis.

Step 1) Select the server

You can select the down arrow next to the server’s name in the upper left corner of your Discord screen

Step 2) Configure your server

Select server configuration option

Step 3) Upload Emoji

You can select the Emojis options on the left sidebar, then click on the “Upload Emoji” bar


❓ What is Discord emoji maker Apps?

Discord Emoji Maker Apps lets you create custom emojis from any text or picture that you want. It also provides an option to change the appearance of the emoji as well as their skin tone, eye color, facial expressions, etc.

✔️ What are the best Discord Emoji Makers?

Following are the Best Discord Emoji Makers:

⚡ What Kind of Emotes for Discord Would You Make?

Here are some common types of Emotes for Discord:

  • The all-in-one emoji: You can type any word that you want, which automatically turns into an emoji.
  • Emotes for friends only: This kind of emojis is mostly used privately with your friends. They can also have a chat room to talk to their friends without being spammed by other people.
  • Selecting for adventure: This type of Discord emoji is very much like selecting your own adventure book. Instead of just one story, there are multiple stories that the user can choose from.

❗ Who can use animated emoji Discord?

You can use animated emoji in Discord. There, no restriction regarding who can use animated emoji Discord.

However, there are some requirements which you must meet to be able to use them:

  • You should have a Discord account.
  • Your device needs to support the animated emoji feature.
  • You need to have enabled the Emoji Keyboard app on your device for this feature.