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Programming can be defined as the process of taking an algorithm and encoding it into notation, so that it can be executed by a computer.

Basically, a creative process was done by programmers to instruct a computer on how to do a task.


A typical software automation Testing requires automation tool like Selenium and QTP. Coded UI is similar to these tools, and can be particularly useful for functional tests.

Coded UI Test ( CUIT) uses Visual Studio IDE to write scripts, as the recording can be done using Visual Studio.


Software Testing is as a process of identifying defects in software. It establishes standard degree of quality with respect to selected attributes. Non-destructive testing is one of these testing types.

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N-Tier architecture is an industry-proven software architecture model. It is suitable to support enterprise level client-server applications by providing solutions on scalability, security, fault tolerance, reusability and maintainability.

It helps developers to create flexible and reusable applications.

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A very common question that a software Testing aspirant has is… Do testers have to write code??

Before we answer this question, a complete insight of various software testing role is necessary to understand.

Software QA is typically divided into two categories,

  • Quality Analyst: QA verifies the functionality and completeness of the test. QA verifies the software only after the development phase. QA role is not as technical as an developer and may not require coding.
  • SDET ( Software Design Engineer in Test) : While SDET on other hand are one who understand the inner workings of the product. They understand database concepts, programming languages, etc. and they also participate in product design, data design and user interfaces. SDETs have to work during the development phase and require a coding knowledge. So the role of an SDET is more challenging, and it involves job of both , developer as well as a Tester. Automation Testers (who use tools like QTP, Selenium) can also be classified as SDET.


PractiTest is a Saas end-to-end QA and Test management solution, designed to help users control their Testing and development process, focusing on how to manage their project and its information, and how to communicate testing outcomes to all the relevant stakeholders.


Comparison Testing can help test engineers to understand strength and weakness of the software product with others. The approach of comparison testing involves comparing files and folders concurrently.