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Application Lifecycle Management is shortly known as ALM. It helps developers & project managers to manage and track Application development process. There are plenty of tools are available for this purpose.

Here, are some of the best ALM tools with key features and download links.


ETL testing is performed before data is moved into a production data warehouse system. It is also known as table balancing or production reconciliation. The main goal of ETL testing is to identify and mitigate data defects.

Using tools is imperative to conduct ETL testing considering the volume of data. Here are the best 5 ETL Testing Tools with Key features and download links :


Big Data Analytics software is widely used in providing meaningful analysis of a large set of data. This software helps in finding current market trends, customer preferences, and other information.

Here are the 11 Best Big data analytics tools with key feature and download links.


There is a plethora of Requirements Management tools out in the market. That's why it is very difficult to choose one for your project. Here, are some of the best Requirements management tools with their features and download links.

1) Visure:


Today business needs to keep track of their performance and strategy to grow. There are plenty of business analyst tool available for the same. Using one or combination of them can improve employee productivity.

Here, is a list of some useful business analysis tool along with its important features, and download links.

1) Blueprint:


In agile development, the emphasis on building the right product as per customer needs. Therefore, the agile testers needs to monitor their project constantly. There are many tools available for this purpose. Here, are some of the top names with its features and download links.

1) JIRA:


There are a lot of open source tools and testing frameworks available for DevOps. These frameworks assist organizations with their configuration, integration, and delivery management needs. It helps them save time and automating the entire testing process. Here, are some best DevOps testing tool, features and download links are given for you.

1) Tricentis