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iMacros is a leading tool for web automation, scraping and testing. It offers a browser extension and desktop tool to automate your mundane tasks easily. However, the key features required for automation are available only in a premium version. iMacros has few other drawbacks.


Following is a curated list of Top 20 Python Courses. Python is popular language for Data Scientists AI experts, Web programmers and gaining mastery in Python will drastically improve your educational and career prospects. The courses cover concepts like Python Basics, OOPs, decorators, generators, etc.


What is Data Science?

Data Science is the area of study which involves extracting insights from vast amounts of data by the use of various scientific methods, algorithms, and processes. It helps you to discover hidden patterns from the raw data.


Following is a curated list of 20 Excel Courses for professionals and even enthusiasts. Excel is an indispensable tool for IT, Finance, Commerce and gaining mastery in Excel will remove the pain in your daily tasks. The courses cover concepts like Excel Basics, Functions, Formatting, Charts, List, Data Validation, etc.


Following is a curated list of 20 Digital Marketing Courses for professional or aspiring marketers. Digital Marketing is eating Traditional Marketing for lunch and learning it is desirable. The courses cover concepts like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing(SMM), paid marketing with Google or Facebook ads, email marketing, etc.


New Relic's is a leading tool for application performance monitoring (APM). It offers real-time data on the performance of your web applications. However, the data you get is not very detailed, and it is also difficult to get your thresholds correctly. New Relic has few other drawbacks.


What Is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a software platform which supports IT Service Management (ITSM). It helps you to automate IT Business Management (ITBM). This cloud-based platform is designed based on ITIL guidelines.