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Traditional storage systems are bulky and slow. If you are looking to purchase an SSD laptop, then I guess, you must be tired of waiting several hours when transferring your files, hate your system for taking forever before booting up, want to do away with that loading screen and want to multiply your workflow speed. However, you can agree with me that it is excruciatingly hard to make a choice, as the market is swamped with thousands of SSD laptops ranging from good to excellent. I have done all the research considering all the nitty-gritty of each product and come up with a comprehensive list of the best SSD laptops available.


When people talk about the essentials for the perfect gaming experience, many of them forget to mention one important piece. The hard drive. You might have the best gaming monitor, a special mouse, and keyboard, a gaming pad maybe or even a gaming chair but these will mean nothing when you have no space to install your games.


Programmers spend a lot of time in front of PC and develop Repetitive Strain Injuries due to long hours of mouse usage. A standard mouse will only aggravate such injuries. A mouse that puts your hand in a more neutral position is perhaps the best way to alleviate these problems – enter vertical/trackball mice. With a plethora of choice in the market, a coder could be confused to select the top mice for his/her needs. This guide should help.


What is SQL?

Structured Query language (SQL) pronounced as "S-Q-L" or sometimes as "See-Quel" is the standard language for dealing with Relational Databases. A relational database defines relationships in the form of tables.


What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source widely used PHP framework. The platform was intended for the development of web application by using MVC architectural pattern. Laravel is released under the MIT license. Therefore its source code is hosted on GitHub. It is a reliable PHP framework as it follows expressive and accurate language rules.


Following Spring interview questions are for freshers and experienced users

1) What is a spring?


1) What is Android?

It is an open-sourced operating system that is used primarily on mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. It is a Linux kernel-based system that's been equipped with rich components that allows developers to create and run apps that can perform both basic and advanced functions.