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What is Frontend Testing?

Frontend Testing is a type of testing that checks the Presentation layer of a 3 Tier Architecture.

In layman's term, you are checking the GUI - anything that is visible on screen, client -side. For a web application, front-end testing would involve checking functionalities like forms, graphs, menus, reports, etc. as well as associated Javascript. Frontend testing is a term that covers a variety of testing strategies. A tester needs a good understanding of business requirements to perform this type of testing.


There are many front-end development tools that accelerate web development. Here is a curated list of tools with key features and download links.

1) Npm:


Following are important certificates for an IT Professionals.



What is an SDET?

SDET is an IT professional who can work equally effectively in development and testing. Full form of SDET is Software Development Engineer in Test and he/she takes part in the complete software development process.

An SDET's professional's knowledge is entirely focused on testability, robustness, and performance. They are also able to play a contributory or reviewer role in the creation of designs for production software.


What is DevOps?

DevOps is a culture which promotes collaboration between Development and Operations Team to deploy code to production faster in an automated & repeatable way. The word 'DevOps' is a combination of two words 'development' and 'operations.'

DevOps helps to increases an organization's speed to deliver applications and services. It allows organizations to serve their customers better and compete more strongly in the market.

In simple words, DevOps can be defined as an alignment of development and IT operations with better communication and collaboration.


There is a plethora of Mobile App development tools to create your favorite app. Here is a curated list of 26 Mobile App tools with key features and download links.

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