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What is SAP Solution Manager?

SAP Solution Manager(SolMan) is a module of SAP that provides functionalities like integrated content, methodologies, tools etc. to implement, operate, monitor and support an enterprise’s SAP solution.  SAP solution manager manages the SAP and Non-SAP solutions in the IT landscapes of an organization. It supports the underlying IT infrastructure and business processes. It is a powerful tool for SAP Basis administrators.


What is a Groovy Script?

Apache Groovy is an Object-oriented programming language used for Java platform. This dynamic language has many features which are similar to Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, and Pero. It can be used as a scripting language for the Java platform.


What is SAP TAO?

Full form of SAP TAO is Test Acceleration and Optimization. SAP TAO automates the generation of test components for end to end scenarios. SAP TAO helps QA specialist to break down the test into components.


What is SAP Security?

SAP Systems contain very sensitive and confidential data of their clientele and businesses. Hence, there is a need for a regular audit of an SAP computer system to check its security and data integrity.

For instance, an employee in a warehouse who is responsible for creating a purchase order shall not approve a rightful purchase order or otherwise he may create and approve as many purchase order without any use.

In such scenario, the purchase order approval should be controlled by a higher authority which is a standard security feature.

Protecting the SAP data and applications from unauthorized use and access is called SAP security. To protect these data’s SAP offers different measures for security check.


What is SAP APO?

SAP APO Full Form is Advanced Planner Optimizer, and it is used to plan and execute company’s supply chain process. It is also known as APS (Advance Planning and Scheduling) tool.

SAP APO is a key component of SAP and forms a technical foundation for many SAP modules. The tool is designed to achieve high consistency in business processes, right through from order generation to production planning and improving customer service while reducing costs.  It is used for SCM (Supply Chain Management) in industries.

Another important function of SAP APO is the SCC (Supply Chain Cockpit), it provides users with a graphical instrument panel for controlling and managing the supply chain. Various department of a company uses SCC like demand planners, strategic planners and production planners.


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