Survey Creators are cloud-based applications that help you to gather valuable customer feedback, collect qualitative and quantitative data. You can use these tools to find the answers to variety of question types including, ranking, open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, etc.


Virtual Mailbox is a digital mailbox service which you can access by using a PC or mobile. This service can be used by frequent travelers, startups, and small businesses to check mail without physically checking their mailbox.


Form Builders/Creators are cloud applications that help you to develop highly customizable and job-specific forms. They can be used to collect user responses in real time, and store essential information via quiz, collect payments and more.


Web page change detection tools help you to tracks changes made on the websites. These tools enable you to find broken or missing page elements, competition monitoring, unplanned code changes, and more.


Business backup software creates copies of the database, physical and virtual machines, and servers to protect your business against data loss. It helps the organization to store data in a separate system or medium like hard drive, USB stick, cloud, etc.


Heatmap Tools are cloudbased applications that allow you to track visitor's behavior patterns on your website. You can easily visualize how users interact with your website. The information captured by these tools helps you to understand issues related to your website and optimize it for a better experience and conversions.


Hard drive cloning is a process of creating 1 to 1 copy of the content of hard drive or solid-state drive. The contents are saved as a disk image file and can be transferred to storage devices like DVD, hard drive, or USB drive. In case, if your original hard drive fails, you can quickly swap it with the clone. This helps you to avoid reinstalling system software.