All About AI and Its Impact on Writing, From School Assignments to IT Tutorials

All About AI and Its Impact on Writing Artificial intelligence (AI) aims to mimic human intelligence by combining vast amounts of data with programming that gives it the ability to learn and reason. As with human intelligence, AI systems can get smarter as they interact with humans through prompts and gather more experience and data….

A Web Developer’s Resource Guide: Best Free Hosting, Tools, and More

A Web Developer’s Resource Guide To be successful as a Web developer, you need to have a range of skills, including graphic design, computer programming, user experience design, and an understanding of the deeper technological underpinnings of websites. Developers need to be able to combine HTML and CSS code with images, typography, and advanced coding…

A Training Tutorial for Ethical Use of Computers and Software

Many people use computers every day, but not everyone uses them ethically. Ethical computing is the practice of using computers in a way that avoids harming others. The field of computer ethics encompasses issues including intellectual property rights, the right to privacy, data protection practices, and inclusive design. Using computers and software ethically also means…

TCL TK Tutorial: Tool Command Language

What is TCL?

TCL is shell application that reads TCL command from its standard input or from a file and gives desired results.

TCL is string based scripting language and also a procedural language. It was first created by John Osterhout in 1989. The purpose of developing this language is easy embedded inti ( ) applications. The language is commonly used for GUIs and testing. For instance, rapid prototyping, Testing database interaction, etc. In TCL by default everything is a string.

In this tutorial, you will learn-

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