25 BEST WYSIWYG Web (Website) Builder Software in 2021

Today, there are many website builder software available, which helps you create simple to the advanced level website for your business. They also help you create a website without knowing to code or hire a developer.

Here is the curated list of Top Website Builder tools. The list contains both free as well as paid tools:

List of Top WYSIWYG Web Builders [Free/Paid]

Name Price Key Features Link
ClickFunnels $97/m Dashboard for monitoring business KPIs,Campaign analysis and Communication management,CRM and email autoresponder. Learn More
Wix Free Fast speed & uptime, 500+ themes and templates, Flexible: Websites, blogs, online stores Learn More
Site123 Free Offers cheapest e-commerce plan starts, and it is supported with a huge, dedicated help section Learn More
Web.com $1.95 It offers free domain hosting, Real-time sale notifications. Learn More
Squarespace Free offers more than 200+ design templates, All their plans have no storage or bandwidth restrictions. Learn More

1) ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels is a landing page builder software which helps you to market, sell, and deliver your products online. It simplifies the marketing and delivery of products using funnel options.


  • Dashboard for monitoring business KPIs
  • Campaign analysis and Communication management
  • CRM and email autoresponder
  • Pre-built funnel templates
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Highly converting Landing page templates
  • Multi-channel communications
  • Campaign promotion management
  • Offers plugins, form creation, and page design
  • Easy to add videos, tracking code, etc.

Advantages of ClickFunnels:

  • Clickfunnels allows you to sell any product online.
  • It allows you to move content around and get a business live online.
  • Guide your visitors step-by-step throughout the sales process.

Disadvantages of ClickFunnels:

  • It offers very few options for customization.
  • Not provide support for multiple languages and locations.

Visit here: https://www.clickfunnels.com/

2) Wix


Wix is easy to use the beginner-friendly drag-and-drop website builder industry. This unstructured web editor tool which allows you to drop elements anywhere you want on a page. Using Wix, the entire process of web building becomes smooth, simple, and fast.

Advantages of Wix:

  • Fast speed & uptime (click for stats)
  • Free trial/version available
  • 500+ themes and templates
  • Flexible: Websites, blogs, online stores

Disadvantages of Wix:

  • Email accounts cost extra
  • It doesn’t allow you to change the templates
  • No live chat

Visit here: https://www.wix.com/

3) Site123


SITE123 is an easy to use web site builder which offers the right balance for both beginners and experts. Beginners users will like customizing the look and feel of the site with just a few simple clicks.

Advantages of Site123:

  • The website build includes a free plan to test out their website building tool. It’s very limited but allows you to build your basic website.
  • Offers cheapest e-commerce plan starts, and it is supported with a huge, dedicated help section.
  • Offers more than 250+ design templates
  • It is visually pleasing and fit many different industries.

Disadvantages Site123:

  • You need to upgrade your plan if you want to get more custom email accounts. Not possible to buy them separately.
  • Copy-past customer support answers. For example, if you ask questions like how many users they have, how many template options, etc.

Link: site123.com

4) Web.com

Web.com web builder

Web is a website builder tool that helps you to develop your website. This tool offers hundreds of website designs and stylish templates.


  • It offers free domain hosting.
  • Provide thousands of free images.
  • Real-time sale notifications
  • Customizable store templates
  • Easy inventory management
  • Unlimited chat and phone support

Advantages of the Web:

  • Accessibility across devices for users
  • Integration with other systems
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • Apps enable further expansion options that culminate in a highly functional website.

Disdvantages of the Web:

  • Pricing plans are not cost-effective.

Link: https://www.web.com/

5) Squarespace


Squarespace is a drag and drop, visual website builder— and it’s excellent. It’s one of the only website builders which enjoys the highest rank as a web builder.

Advantage of Squarespace

  • Squarespace is the best website builder for individuals who need image-based websites.
  • Squarespace’s offers more than 200+ design templates.
  • All their plans have no storage or bandwidth restrictions.

Disadvantage of Squarespace

  • Not the fastest web builder to create a website with
  • Email accounts cost $6 per month extra through Google Suite.
  • Offers very expensive price plans

Link: https://www.squarespace.com/

6) Strikingly


Strikingly is a website builder that offers the simplicity of site-building and beauty of design, and it takes care of both of these aspects. This website builder tool relies on a scrolling single-page design with sections to which allows viewers to navigate.

Advantages of Strikingly:

  • Makes the process of site-building simple.
  • Review full sample sites built-in template.
  • Good looking at responsive designs for mobile and desktop.

Disadvantages of Strikingly:

  • Fewer template choices and less customization compare to other competitors.
  • Lots of standard features require a premium paid account.

Visit: www.strikingly.com

7) Zyro

Zyro is a website builder that can be used without any coding or design skills. It includes variety of customized templates for your business.


Advantages of Zyro:

  • Easy to use and affordable
  • eCommerce Ready and Mobile Optimized
  • Offers free images that can be used in your website.
  • Support more than 13 languages including English.

Disadvantages of Zyro:

  • Limited customization options
  • Grid difficulties. More experienced users may find the grid layout limiting to use.

Visit here: https://zyro.com/

8) BoldGrid


BoldGrid is another powerful website building tool designed for WordPress users. This popular drag-and-drop editor was created to make and test their sites using the BoldGrid custom Cloud Platform.

Advantage of Bold Grid:

  • Great for building WordPress websites.
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
  • Custom form builders and advanced design settings.
  • Compatibility with third-party plugins, themes, and services.

Disadvantage of Bold Grid:

  • Not valuable for a separate acquisition.
  • It will take some time to learn.
  • It has lacked plenty of essential Commerce features.

Visit: www.boldgrid.com

9) Ucraft


Ucraft is a block-based web builder wherein the pages are created by stacking blocks on top of another. These blocks contain individual elements.

Advantages of Ucraft:

  • This web builder tool offers 63 website themes to choose from, all of which are mobile-friendly.
  • Offers deep customization capabilities
  • Offers enchanted eCommerce functionality

Disadvantage of Ucraft:

  • Not an easily learn curve
  • Need to build from beginning
  • You need to pay extra money for premium ticketing support.

Link: www.ucraft.com

10) Weebly


Weebly is easy to use drag-and-drop website builder; This tool offers a quality range of over 50 industry-tailored templates.

Advantages of Weebly:

  • Weebly offers a limited free plan which allows you to try it out on a small scale before paying.
  • Weebly includes hundreds of great templates organized according to type, including drag-and-drop options for eCommerce, too.
  • Built-in easy to understand SEO guides
  • Allows you to change template once a site is live

Disadvantages of Weebly:

  • Template structure restricts creative freedom
  • Higher price plans are relatively expensive.
  • Weebly’s cheapest plans are very limited and force you often for an upgrade.

Visit here: https://www.weebly.com/.

11) Mobirise


Mobirise is an offline website builder that has recently become available for Windows, Android, and Mac. The tool helps you to create promo websites and basic landing pages.

Advantage of Mobiirise:

  • Mobirise is the simplest website builders
  • It allows you to create small websites, including landing pages, portfolios, and different types of promo websites.
  • The tool allows you to publish your websites at the local server and resources like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Github, etc.

Disadvantage of Mobirise:

  • Website updating process needs the availability of website files of your project
  • Design of all sites looks similar as it now allows you to change the formats of template blocks.

Visit here: https://mobirise.com/.

12) WordPress


WordPress is a great website builder tool. You can use lot of plugins and add-on for your website. WordPress provide thousands of templates and customizable themes. WordPress website is easy to use for user because of mobile friendly and also responsive with all the devices.

Advantages of WordPress

  • You have 100% control of your website.
  • Lot of customizable themes, Plugins and add-on.
  • You can also create AMP optimizable pages.
  • Create a Search engine friendly websites using wordpress.

Disadvantages of WordPress

  • WordPress is open source platform, so problem of security.
  • You need to update regularly for plugins and other useful add-on.
  • If you want to more customization of your website then wordpress also needs coding

Visit here: https://wordpress.com/.

13) DreamWeaver


DreamWeaver is a great tool for easy coding. You can build a very beautiful websites which is work on any browsers and devices using DreamWeaver. DreamWeaver provides the coding hints for quickly edit HTML, CSS, Javascript. ETC. You can build a dynamic website using dreamweaver and it is work with all device like Mobile, Tablets, Leptops and large screens.

Advantages of DreamWeaver

  • Easy to use for any beginners.
  • Lot of templates created by users for designs.
  • in-built FTP Feature for upload.
  • User can easily customize the software.

Disadvantages of DreamWeaver

  • DreamWeaver take time to learn thw whole interface.
  • DreamWeaver is Not the browser based software.
  • Automatic coding is not specific.

Visit here: https://www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver.html

14) SiteBuilder


SiteBuilder is an easy to use website builder tool. It allows you to create a small business website, blog, or even an eCommerce website with few clicks.

Advantages of Site Builder:

  • Offers an easy drag and drop website builder to create your website.
  • All Site Builder templates are optimized for mobile, tablets, and desktop computers.
  • Provide live chat and phone support for technical assistance, so you can easily get started.

Disadvantages of SiteBuiler:

  • SiteBuilder does not have a free website builder option.
  • Their extension ecosystem is small, and you won’t be able to hire a developer to build advanced features.
  • Migration from your website away from SiteBuilder is quite difficult.

Visit: www.sitebuilder.com

15) Webnode

Webnode is a website builder that enables you to create your own website without any hassle. It offers readymade and easy-to-customize templates to build your site. This platform provides you a wide selection of domains according to your need.


Advantages of Webnode:

  • You can update your website from a mobile phone or tablet.
  • It enables you to add content in your site in just a few clicks.
  • Offers a smooth shopping experience to your customer using an ecommerce website.

Disadvantages of Webnode:

  • It has a confusing user interface.
  • Offers limited ecommerce features

Link: https://www.squarespace.com/

16) Shopify


Shopify is the best website builders around. This web build tool offers rapidly-growing service now powers over 800,000 online shops and the pricing plans. It provides a free 14-day trial, which helps you to ensure that you get what you want.

Advantages of Shopify:

  • Clean, easy-to-use interface with intuitive navigation
  • Integration with Amazon Marketplace.
  • Powerful built-in blogging platform.
  • Abandoned checkout recovery.
  • Support for augmented reality

Disadvantages of Shopify:

  • Quite expensive pricing plans.
  • You need to pay fees for credit card transactions.
  • The system is not very easy-to-use for newbies.
  • Reporting feature is available on advanced plans only.

Link: https://www.shopify.com/

17) Voog


Voog is the best multi-lingual website builder. It is ideally suited tool for expert web builder who wants to build a website according to personalize business requirement of their clients.

Advantages of Voog:

  • Powerful low-level controls
  • No tricks and not any confusing admin panels.
  • You can use it for any devices.
  • Offers 30- Day free trial

Disadvantage of Voog:

  • It is not very easy to use website builder tool
  • Not easy to navigate

Visit link: www.voog.com.

18) Jimdo


Jimdo is a German website creator with more than 20m websites to its name. It is very simple and intuitive but a bit limited. It also allows you to have a website up quickly and to run.

Advantages of Jimdo:

  • Offers the lowest price to remove adverts from your website
  • Unlimited storage on premium plans
  • Easy to add elements to your page

Disadvantages of Jimdo:

  • Jimdo offers only 16 themes, which are very less compares to other website builder tool.
  • Support for the cheapest plan but they don’t offer communication via phone call.
  • Website performance isn’t good as other web builder tools

Visit: www.jimdo.com

19) Tilda


Tilda is a WYSIWYG website builder. It is mainly focused on landing pages and longreads creation. This website builder allows creating the same types of websites as the rest of the services.

Advantages of Tilda:

  • Offers large block library and flexible customization options
  • Intuitive interface with appealing design
  • Allows you to perform advanced website typography settings
  • Helps you to focus on landing pages and lead generation process
  • Allows you to build a stunning and versatile website

Disadvantages of Tilda:

  • Doesn’t offers features to perform integration of third-party services
  • Poor large blog opportunities which does not update regularly.

Visit: www.tilda.cc

20) Yola


Yolo is a simple website builder that’s doesn’t have many key features. You should use this web builder software only to get much more for cheaper from other website builders.

Advantages of Yola:

  • Offers 100% Update and Fast upload time
  • eCommerce platform
  • Offers rich template collection;
  • Code editing options.

Disadvantages of Yola:

  • Yola offers more than 270 themes for their customers to choose from; nearly all of these themes are outdated.
  • Yola never offers specific eCommerce package, and instead, it allows users to add an online storefront to any package at the additional cost of $10/month.
  • An expensive tool you will get much more at cheap from other website builders.

Visit: https://www.yola.com/

21) Doodlekit


Doodlekit is the most unusable and unintuitive website builders on the market. This web build tool offers two options: 2) You can select the ready theme from the official library or use a template wizard to put up your site.

Advantages of Doodlekit:

  • Offers an affordable pricing plan
  • The domain name and email accounts included
  • Good load times

Disadvantages of Doodlekit:

  • You have to enter your credit card details or verify your phone number in order to publish your free site.
  • Outdated themes
  • Unintuitive interface
  • Expensive tool for developing eCommerce sites

Link: www.doodlekit.com

22) Webs


Webs is one of the oldest website builder tools. It helps help you to build and promote your small business website. It offers many template and features which allows you to focus on the creation of websites for entrepreneurs.

Advantages of Webs:

  • Webs.com hosts over 55 million sites. Mostly through web hosting.
  • Offers more than 400 themes and templates to choose from
  • Webs also provided an excellent customer service experience.

Disadvantages of Webs:

  • You need to upgrade in order to get access to more email accounts.
  • Compared to other web site building tools, the design templates did seem a touch outdated.

Link: https://www.webs.com/

23) Homestead


Homestead works as both as an online and offline website builder. However, you need to connect to the internet in order to use this tool.

Advantages of Homestead:

  • Allows you to select from hundreds of designs created for many industries
  • Offers an over 1.1 million royalty-free images
  • Allows you to publish your site with a single click
  • Offers personalized domain names

Disadvantages of Homestead:

  • Complicated editor which need to be installed locally
  • Relatively expensive tool
  • Not offered much in terms of a template.
  • Not easier cost-inclusive mobility options

Link: https://www.homestead.com

24) Webflow


Webflow web site buildering is mostly known for its design tool. It lets you code designs visually. It allows you to do drag-and-drop HTML elements and adjust the CSS through a right-side panel.

Advantages of Webflow:

  • Very intuitive web building tool
  • Simple platform that offers a power to build their perfect site across a range of devices.
  • Webflow is frequently adding new features most recently, dedicated e-commerce functionality.

Disadvantage of Webflow:

  • A complex interface for a beginning user
  • Complicated eCommerce plugins and add-ons; not built-in
  • Pricey for basic website needs
  • A limited number of templates

Link: www.webflow.com

25) IM Creator

IM Creator

IM Creator is a website builder for everyone who wanted to build a website for their business, event, or own self, yet does not have HTML programming skills. The product makes it simple to go from building the site and also offers a feature to buy a domain.

Advantage of IM creator:

  • It allows you to start building a website even without registering with the system.
  • Allows you to add your code to the website.
  • Allows convenient customization of each section.
  • Practical and affordable White Label model.
  • Offers wide range of Powerful eCommerce engine.

Disadvantage of IM creator:

  • You can’t upload your fonts.
  • Allows you to sell only once at a time for eCommerce.

Link: https://www.imcreator.com/

26) Moonfruit


Moonfruit is a web builder tool offers a highly responsive and interactive website. It helps you to modify already present templates to create your customized website.

Advantages of Moonfurit:

  • Wide range of themes
  • Getty Images available for higher plans
  • File Management with batch uploads
  • eCommerce with Free plan

Disadvantages of Moonfruit:

  • Not as easy as other website builders
  • An editor is outdated
  • Lack of built-in widgets
  • Limited social media integration

Link: www.moonfruit.com

27) Cabanova


Cabanova is a German website builder service targeting small and medium businesses that want to create professional, dynamic websites on low budgets. It offers full e-commerce functionality, social media integration, and much more.

Advantages of Cabanova:

  • Cabanova is perfect at giving freedom as well as at guiding users on the way to a final website
  • Helps to publish readable articles
  • Editable HTML code but slow loading

Disadvantages of Cabanova:

  • Offer very poor mobile view
  • No offers proper search for templates.

Link: www.cabanova.com


❓ What is a Website Builder Tool?

Website builders are all-in-one software tools that allow users to build a site quickly, without needing to know any coding or website designing skills.

🚀 Which are the Best WYSIWYG Web Builders?

Below are some of the Best WYSIWYG Web Builders:

  • ClickFunnels
  • Wix
  • Site123
  • Web.com
  • Squarespace
  • Strikingly
  • Zyro
  • BoldGrid

⚡ How does a Website builder tool help?

Website builders help you to build a website without knowing to program.

❗ Why you should use a website builder tool?

Website builder allows you to build your basic website by using a simple drag and drop functionality.

🏅 How long does it take to build my website?

You can build your basic website in a matter of minutes.

👉 Can I create an advanced website with web builder tool?

No, you can’t create any advanced feature reach website with web builder tools.