25 Best Online Meeting Apps for Video Conferencing (Free/Paid)

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The term web conferencing encompasses multiple collaboration technologies. This type of software allows users to place calls via an application over the internet, through software downloaded locally to a computer or in their mobile devices. Real-life applications of web conferencing include meetings, training, lectures, or presentations from an internet-connected computer.

Following is a handpicked list of Top Web Conferencing Software with their popular features and website links. The list contains both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software.

Best Online Meeting Apps: Free & Paid

1) Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team is a web conference software that helps you to collaborate with your team. This software creates collaborative classrooms. It also helps you to connect in professional communities, and communicate with students and staff all in one place.

Microsoft Teams


  • It allows you to share your screen with other users.
  • Instantly go from group chat to video conference with a single touch.
  • It allows you to invite everyone you work with to chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place.
  • Collaborate from anywhere.

2) Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect has the most secure, flexible, extensible, and feature-rich web conferencing support. It provides virtual classroom solutions for rapid training, which is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Adobe Connect


  • It helps you to design your custom pods, images, and layouts.
  • It allows you to personalize and brand your virtual room.
  • Offers limitless functionality and extensibility with custom apps.
  • You can create your virtual room.

3) CyberLink U Meeting

CyberLink U Meeting is a web conference tool which offers unique Online Meetings, presentations, and business chat service. The tool allows you to work smarter and helps you to drive your business with U communication apps.

CyberLink U Meeting


  • It is based on a cloud-based structure, so no in-house server and extra maintenance fee needed.
  • Provides a good online webinar and meeting solutions.
  • It allows you to join a meeting watching a webinar without the extra plug-in installed.
  • It allows you to take live notes or message a question without disrupting the flow of the meeting.
  • Browser-based meetings which mean no downloading needed for people joining.
  • Easy management for your organization & online meetings

4) GoToMeeting

Gotomeeting web conference tools allow you to join instantly, host or manage video, audio, or web meeting from the conference room. This software support Mac, Pc, or mobile devices.



  • It helps you to join, host, or manage a video, audio, or web meeting from a conference room.
  • It allows you to share your desktop, smartphone, or tablet screen and securely from anywhere.
  • Record your meetings in real-time, take notes, and share them after the meeting.
  • Get a quality-based performance metrics for every user.
  • This Video Conferencing Software offers support form cloud monitoring.

5) Livestorm

Livestorm is a useful web conferencing app from startups to big enterprises. The tool seamlessly integrated with over 1500 apps.



  • Engage your participants and spark real conversations.
  • Personal video meetings to global webinar events.
  • It offers the feature of calendar integrations.

6) Mikogo

Mikago is a web conference and free screen sharing software. It is useful in facilitating online sales demos, web conferences, and training of individuals and groups. It helps you to enhance communication and phone calls by allowing users to collaborate with the user.



  • It helps you to conduct Online meetings and training.
  • Free account for business and personal use.
  • Allows you to join meeting via the iOS and Android app
  • Schedule your meetings in advance.
  • Participants connect easily using a web browser, so downloads, no waiting.

7) Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a web conferencing software that enables you to manage your webinar with ease. It allows you to mute participants to avoid noise. This software helps you to record replay and share your meetings.

Zoho Meeting


  • Allows you to share the screen with ease.
  • Offers chat and remote access facility.
  • Easy to share email invitations to attendees.
  • Enables you to view webinar data and reports with minimal effort.
  • Can be easily access it from any mobile device.

8) Google Meet

Google meet is easy to use and free online web and mobile applications. It allows you to arrange a web conference according to your business and personal purpose.

Google Meet


  • This Free Video Conferencing Software helps you to create and join meetings from Gmail on the web.
  • Share full-motion videos to enhance presentations.
  • Automatically adjust video in low-light conditions.
  • It offers high-quality, full-motion videos.

9) Zoom

Zoom is an enterprise video communications application. It is an easy, reliable platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, websites. You can use this app in mobile devices, desktops, telephones, etc.



  • It allows you to make video communications.
  • Zoom helps businesses and organizations to collaborate with their team.
  • Helps you to conduct online meetings, training & technical support.
  • Cross-Platform Messaging & File Sharing.

Link: https://zoom.us/

10) Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a simple and reliable virtual classroom solution. It helps you to power online teaching and web conferencing requirements.

Blackboard Collaborate


  • Better Collaboration for Effective Learning.
  • Provide more options for students to stay engaged.
  • It helps you to focus on learning engagement instead of managing technology.
  • HD audio and video allows a more engaging learning experience.
  • Creative mobile-friendly flipped lessons.
  • Participate in class or study groups remotely.

Link: https://www.blackboard.com/teaching-learning/collaboration-web-conferencing/blackboard-collaborate

11) Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a communications software that allows meeting, chat, and place business calls inside and outside your organization.

Amazon Chime


  • Amazon Chime allows you to select the communication options that are best suited for your business.
  • This Video Conferencing Software allows you to meet, chat, and place business phone calls with a single, secure application.
  • It offers a pay-per-use pricing structure, which allows you to pay for the features you use.

Link: https://aws.amazon.com/chime/

12) Workplace by Facebook

A workplace is a communication tool. It allows you to connect everyone in your company, where they are working remotely. This software offers features like groups, chat, rooms, and live video broadcasting to get people to talk and work together.

Workplace by Facebook


  • It helps you to connect with your colleagues or even people outside your company.
  • Hold virtual meetings with workplace Rooms.
  • Share messages instantly in Workplace Chat.
  • Work smarter from home with Portal.

Link: https://en-gb.workplace.com/

13) BlueJeans

BlueJeans Meetings offers to enhance audio and video performance. It provides incredible productivity features and a comprehensive security toolkit.



  • It provides you with a distinct competitive advantage every time you join a meeting.
  • Allows you to tag critical meeting moments, assigning actions, and producing meeting highlight.
  • Provide a secure video conferencing platform that makes you more productive.
  • Help end-users with a full suite of security tools to manage identity.

14) Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex meeting is an easy to use web conferencing tool. It also allows you to edit and share meeting highlights, transcripts, and recordings.

Cisco Webex Meetings


  • Webex Meetings mobile app helps you to connect to your video device automatically.
  • You can easily integrate with popular productivity tools, Learning Management Systems, workflow apps, and more.
  • Multi-layer security gives you the best protection without compromising user experience.

Link: https://www.cisco.com/c/en_in/products/conferencing/webex-meetings/index.html

15) Join.me

Join.me is an online tool that you customize your meeting link to whatever you want. Join. The call conference software allows you to take your meetings on the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.



  • Customize your meeting background.
  • It allows you to set up a meeting in advance with the help of join.me Schedule.
  • Join.me offers audio, recording, scheduling, and remote control.
  • It offers simple, light, floating visual images of you and the meeting attendees.

Link: http://join.me/

16) Whereby

Whereby is a web conference tool. It gives you the freedom to live and work where you thrive with accessible video meetings. To use this tool, you just need a PIN code.



  • Easy screen sharing, which helps teams to resolve questions, workshop ideas quickly.
  • It is a flexible tool that offers meetings in the browser.
  • It allows you to use custom backgrounds and logos to showcase your brand.
  • Unique links for your meeting rooms.
  • Contribute to the conversation silently with chat.

Link: https://whereby.com/

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17) Free Conference

Free conference calls offer free video conferencing and free web conferencing. This website allows you to keep up with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Free Conference


  • Offers security and privacy are built into our platform.
  • Offers free online meeting room with free video conferencing.
  • It allows you to conduct a web conference using a phone or web.
  • It offers free calls for selected numbers.
  • Take complete control of your meetings with the feature of moderator controls.

Link: https://www.freeconference.com/

18) Dialpad

Dialpad is a useful web and video conferring tool. It allows you to start an HD video meeting. This tool is available for Android and iPhone devices.



  • You can share your screen while streaming video.
  • AI technology offers complete, searchable transcription of your meeting.
  • Save your conference in the form of MP3 for secure storage and playback.
  • Begin the conference call by just dialing in.

Link: https://www.dialpad.com/meetings/

19) Lifesize Video Conferencing

Lifesize Video Conferencing tool offers many advanced security features. It also provides added protection for remote work and distributed teams. Lifesize works with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Outlook, Slack, Cisco, and other conferencing platforms.

Lifesize Video Conferencing


  • It allows you to arrange instant video calls with your team right from your phone or browser.
  • The definitive solution to conduct high-powered meetings for communications.
  • Integrating our meeting room systems and cloud service.
  • Driven by customer obsession.

Link: https://www.lifesize.com/

20) Fuze

Fuze is an easy-to-manage online tool that empowers your workforce to work from home with the leading cloud communications platform for the enterprise.



  • Enables your user to word-class HD audio conversion.
  • Allows conversion with video call and content sharing.
  • It offers great voice quality and uptime through unlimited calling to over 110 countries.
  • Provide a roadmap to ensure you will get full value out of your Fuze deployment.
  • This Video Conferencing Software works seamlessly across all locations and devices.

Link: https://www.fuze.com/

21) Highfive

Highfive is a robust conferencing, web conferencing and meeting room solutions suited for small- to medium-size businesses. It helps you connect teams with high-definition video and audio conferencing services.



  • Lightweight setup and management.
  • It offers secure business communication and collaboration.
  • Provide valued customers with industry-leading security practices and compliance, along with on-site security.
  • Unlimited user, meeting, and minutes.

Link: https://highfive.com/

22) Skype for Business

Skype for business is a web conference app that allows you to make a free call online for upto 50 people. It also offers voice calls and video chat between tablets, computers, and mobile devices.

Skype for Business


  • It provides both audio and video recording.
  • You can record Skype calls.
  • Skype keeps your sensitive conversion private with encryption.
  • You can share your presentation.
  • This tool provides functionality using which you can react to any message.
  • It allows you to call other people who are not online.

Link: https://www.skype.com/en/business/

23) StarLeaf

StarLeaf is a web video conferencing software. The tool also offers meeting room systems and a secure messaging system. It also supports multiple cameras and screens.



  • It helps you to enhance your workspaces.
  • Integration with professional AV equipment.
  • Enables you to create video meetings or hold point-to-point video calls.
  • You can hold meetings with Skype for Business and any standards-based systems, including Zoom, Cisco, Lifesize, etc.
  • It allows your employees to work more productively.

Link: https://starleaf.com/

24) Pexip

Pexip simplifies and scales video communications. The tool helps your remote team to connect and enable telehealth visits from anywhere.



  • Secure, private video conferencing for remote workers.
  • It allows you to conduct high-quality video meetings.
  • Highly interoperable.
  • Offers hosted solutions either on-premises or in any cloud environment.

Link: https://www.pexip.com/

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❓ What is Web Conferencing?

The term web conferencing encompasses collaboration technologies. This type of software allows users to place calls via an application over the internet, through software downloaded locally to a computer or in their mobile devices.

✅ Which are the Best Video Conferencing Software?

Here are some of the best Web & Video Conferencing Software:

⚡ How does Web conferencing work?

Web conferencing can take place with any device like your PC or mobile phone or tablet. However, the device requires a camera and a microphone. You also need an Internet connection as a meeting is hosted via the internet. This technology allows anyone can join the meeting from any location.

🏅 What are the important features of a Web conferencing tool?

Here, are important features of web conferencing tool:

  • Controllable Document Sharing.
  • Ease of Customization.
  • Allows you to do powerful Slide Show
  • The back-end administration of the web conferencing platform is also very important.
  • The ability to record and archive a presentation is critical.