8 Best FREE Burner Numbers App [2024]

Many Free burner app service suffer with network connectivity issues. You could also get allotted recycled numbers which would invite unwanted calls and defeat the purpose of your decision. The best burner apps will help you maintain your anonymity online and filter out spam calls and messages.

But, finding an ideal burner app can be troublesome with several options at your disposal. Hence, we have shortlisted the 8 best burner apps based on their key features, security, and pricing.
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Top Pick

RingCentral is an all-in-one leading burner app that provides seamless telecommunication services. It provides you with SMS, video call, fax, conferencing, unlimited calling, and several other services for handling your work.

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Best Online Burner Number

Name Key Features SMS / MMS Free Trial Link
👍 Hushed • Custom Voicemail Greeting
• Call Forwarding
• Call Routing
Yes 3 days Learn More
Burner • Untraceable number
• Muting or blocking
• Auto-reply Texts
Yes 7 days Learn More
Grasshopper • Call Forwarding
• VoIP + WiFi Calling
• Voicemail Transcription
Yes 7 days Learn More
Google Voice • Spam Blocker
• Call screening
• Voicemail Transcription
No Not Available Learn More
TextFree • Voicemail greetings
• Customized Phone Umber
• Unlimited MMS and texts
Yes Unlimited Learn More

1) Hushed

Best Overall Burner Phone App

Hushed is an all-in-one leading burner app that provides seamless telecommunication services. The app has an easy-to-use centralized user interface and flexible pricing plans. It has offered services and support for over 300 area codes in US, Canada, and UK area codes.

Hushed reinforces its communications network with cutting-edge cyber protocols and end-to-end call encryption. It also offers temporary numbers to use in events like a Craigslist deal or an AirBnB booking. You can safely dispose of each number after using them.

#1 Top Pick

Type of Virtual Phone Numbers: Local and International

Get Local Numbers in the following Countries: USA, Canada & UK

Free Trial: Life Time Validity for $25

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  • You can maintain anonymity and not appear on your phone bill or call history.
  • Call forwarding feature ensures incoming calls get diverted to your preferred number.
  • Record and store custom voicemail greetings for your numbers using Hushed.
  • Enable Self-destructing feature to automatically deletes private conversations as per specified time.
  • Offers unique features like Custom Voicemail Greetings.
  • Avail customer support via Email Helpdesk and live Chat or phone.
  • Compatible languages include English, German, French, and Spanish.


  • Hushed users can text each other for free and auto-delete after being read.
  • You can use both Google and Amazon smart speakers to place anonymous calls.
  • It supports VOIP technology which helps you to get free calls without a landline.
  • Flexible subscription plans with an option to register for a toll-free number.


  • Lacks an intuitive user interface.


  • Free Trial days: 3 Days Free Trial
  • Pricing: Lifetime Plan for $25

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Lifetime Plan for $25

Expert Advice:
Krishna Rungta
Burner numbers may have a negative view, but they provide a valuable extra layer of privacy. Keeping a disposable number handy implies you never need to handle calls once your business is over. It will help you maintain your personal space and juggle multiple phone numbers. The best burner numbers are the ones that provide you all-around support.

2) Burner

Best For Providing Security

Burner is among the few apps that offer industry-level features when using its disposable number service. It provides cost-effective temporary number services while allowing you to take control of your communications completely.

It is one of the best fake phone number apps that enables you to manage between work and personal life by using multiple numbers. It also allows developers to use webhooks for new custom integrations or connect with various applications, like IFTTT.



  • Intercepts incoming calls on the app and protects privacy by routing them to your phone.
  • Untraceable numbers help you stay anonymous.
  • Features like blocking and do-not-disturb mode will give you the freedom to control calls.
  • You can select any local area code of your choice to maintain anonymity.
  • The spam call blocking feature identifies incoming calls of telemarketers, scams, fraud, or harassment and blocks them.
  • It offers unique features, including color-coding your inbox, tracking conversations, and seamlessly switching between lines.
  • Avail customer support via call or text and online forums.
  • Compatible language includes English, French, and Spanish.


  • Auto-Reply texts and Custom Voicemail Greetings can give a more professional look to your business.
  • Maintain your privacy using Burner’s App Lock.
  • Uses Burner integration apps like Dropbox to archive messages, texts, and voicemails.
  • Call both locally and internationally.


  • Incompatible with sending or receiving MMS.


  • Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial
  • Pricing: Starting at $4.99/month per user

Link: https://www.burnerapp.com/

3) Grasshopper

Best For Free Voice Greeting

Grasshopper is one of the ideal burner phone number apps for small businesses or entrepreneurs. It is helpful for those who need to travel extensively or work from multiple locations. Grasshopper offers a complete phone system, including local, toll-free, and vanity toll-free numbers. It helps you distinguish between personal and business calls so you can confidently speak.



  • Automate mundane tasks using Grasshopper’s auto-attendant feature.
  • Routing multiple calls to other team members or phones ensures you never miss a call and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Grasshopper’s On Hold music keeps your callers pleased and engaged while they wait.
  • Directory feature enables small businesses to create a Fortune 500 image of themselves.
  • Save an immense amount of money using its affordable plans.
  • Compatible language includes English, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Virtual Extensions, Call merging, IVR / Voice Recognition, Call recording, Call reporting, VoIP Voicemail, etc., are other unique features.
  • Reliable customer support through phone or Chat, email helpdesk, and online forums.


  • Pick up your calls whenever or wherever using the Call Forwarding feature.
  • It is a simple system to set up multiple burner phone numbers simultaneously.
  • Make professional, insightful, and comprehensive greetings
  • You can customize your plans that best suit your company’s budget.


  • Paid plans are expensive.
  • It doesn’t support call recording and video conferencing.


  • Free Trial: 7 Days Free Trial
  • Pricing: Starting at $26/month per line.

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7 Days Free Trial

4) Google Voice

Best For Call and Voice Mail Management

Google Voice is one of the most reliable and popular burner phone apps to integrate your business and personal calling. Setting up a Google Voice number is free. Once activated, it will integrate digital technologies seamlessly to manage your calls efficiently.

Google Voice gives you control over who can contact you on your mobile and lets people send text messages without paying for data charges.

Google Voice


  • Google Voice app lets you read voicemails or have them delivered to email thanks to its improved voicemail transcriptions.
  • Block spam calls silently and decides which call to take or hang up.
  • Google Voice’s call screening feature allows you to look for contacts on the same call and port them.
  • Get real-time protection against spammers.
  • Screens your call before you respond and helps to block unwanted callers using the Call Screening feature.
  • It is compatible with Windows, iOS/iPad, and Android.
  • Unique features include Call Conferencing, PBX, Call Center Management, Caller ID, VoIP Connection, and many more.
  • Seek customer support from online forums and FAQs.


  • Customizable numbers that can fit with your daily workflow.
  • Seamless integration with Google products like Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.
  • Maintain call logs to track any number in the future.


  • Only United States residents since you need a US number to validate the Google Voice number.
  • You should have a Google account and a Canadian or US phone number to use this app.


  • Free Trial: Not Available
  • Pricing: $10/month per user

Link: https://voice.google.com/

5) TextFree

Best For Free Phone Number Customization

TextFree is one of the best freeware apps to offer premium features and customized numbers. It is ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, gig workers, and freelancers. It allows you to use burner numbers like any regular number. Earning credits for making calls is easy. Textfree is one of those few apps on the market that provides quality service at a very low cost.



  • You can create your voicemail greeting and make dependable WiFi calls without a carrier plan.
  • Pick up your desired area code and get a unique customized phone number.
  • It includes some key features like unlimited calling, voicemail, MMS, group messaging, stickers, and more.
  • Unlimited free access for calling and texting people.
  • Seek customer support through online chats & forums.
  • TextNow supports various languages such as English, French, Hindi, German, etc.


  • Free group texting with unlimited access to SMS and MMS.
  • Offers the liberty to choose any area code and customize your number.
  • Protects your number while browsing through malicious sites.
  • All new users receive a permanent number and 60 minutes of free calling.


  • The free plan comes with lots of ads.
  • The app doesn’t have an auto-response messaging feature.


  • Free Trial: Free
  • Pricing: Starting at $9.99/month

Link: https://textfree.us/

6) TextNow

Best Free App For Unlimited Data Usage

Textnow is an easy-to-use free burner number app that helps you to make calls and send text messages without relying on a Wi-Fi connection. It is simple to use and comes with a broad range of functions. It has offered free messaging/texting services to over 8 million monthly active users since 2010.

It is the ideal option for freelancers and small enterprises looking for high-quality service at an affordable price. The call quality is clear and adds a new level of clarity compared to regular cellular networks.



  • You can stay connected everywhere and anytime with the TextNow SIM Card Activation Kit.
  • Keep the conversation going irrespective of the location using ad-supported free phone service.
  • Offers free porting your phone number if you need to transfer from your current carrier.
  • Elastic Calling features route your call to the ideal WiFi and 3G/4G connection.
  • Floating Chat features help you miss no messages.
  • It offers a feature for voicemail transcription, Call forwarding, customizable tones, floating chat, etc.
  • Get customer support by reaching out through Online Chats.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac.


  • Extends an unlimited 2G data plan till your upcoming billing cycle.
  • Allows users to make unlimited domestic calls to US or Canadian numbers.
  • Simple automatic renewals are free from contract penalties and can be canceled anytime.
  • You can use emojis, gifs, photos, stickers, and videos while texting.


  • Spam calls are poorly handled and cannot be blocked.
  • Customer support is poor.


  • Pricing: Forever Free Plan

Link: https://www.textnow.com/

7) Dingtone

Best For Inexpensive Plans

Dingtone is one of the best burner number apps that provide a one-stop solution for users wanting inexpensive services. It is an ideal service provider app for mid-size to small businesses, freelancers, and enterprises. Dingtone allows free calls and texts, both domestically and internationally.

Digitone helps you to receive a unique number for your phone. It offers burner numbers from 15+ countries, allowing users to reach a broader audience.



  • You can use it as a spare number to protect your private phone number from malicious apps and websites.
  • Stay connected everywhere, irrespective of time, with the TextNow SIM Card Activation Kit.
  • Send and receive unlimited SMS to any mobile or landline number of 200+ countries at an affordable rate.
  • Supports key features like caller ID, voicemail, call block, call forward, and many more.
  • Online calls to any mobile or landline with no sim.
  • Get a phone number for free and access unlimited texts and calls for US and Canadian people.
  • Some unique features include free Phone Calls, Free International Calling, Walkie Talkie Messenger, texting via Free VoIP, etc.
  • Available in 10+ languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, French, and many more.
  • Seek customer support via online chats or calls and mailing them.


  • You can call internationally at affordable rates.
  • You can call any landline number or mobile phone, even without a sim card.
  • Experience modern texting through its push-to-talk walkie-talkie functionality.


  • You may risk losing your phone number if your credit score is insufficient.


  • Pricing: Forever Free Plan

Link: https://www.dingtone.me/index.html

8) 2ndLine

Best for Maintaining Personal Phone Numbers

2ndLine is an ideal app for keeping a second phone number. It comes with an easy-to-use interface like most burner apps in the market. The app’s concept is to make calling and messaging cost-effective around the globe.

2ndLine works on the same protocol as most burner number service providers- Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). You can also send text messages and call using the provided virtual numbers. It is like having a spare phone with built-in burner apps, messenger, browser, and more.



  • Allows you to lock the phone to reduce monitoring of children’s activity of accessing them.
  • You can separate your professional and personal calls by having a complimentary second number.
  • Its multichannel can help you avoid a crucial call miss or getting re-routed to mobile devices.
  • Text and call anyone around the world at an affordable international rate.
  • Get unlimited access to calls and messages for people living in USA or Canada.
  • You will get unlimited emojis, stickers & gifs, and customizable texts & backgrounds to enrich the conversations.
  • Voicemail Transcription, Call Forwarding, and Signatures are some additional features.
  • Avail customer support through the Email Helpdesk and FAQs.


  • The Call Recording feature keeps the voice quality while recording all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • The user interface is easy to use.
  • Enjoy an uninterrupted quality experience free of commercial ads.
  • Completely free in Canada and United States.


  • Too many ads can become a hindrance to your quality experience.
  • Incompatible with iOS and windows modes.


  • Pricing: Forever Free Plan

Link: https://www.2ndline.co/


Some of the best burner number apps are easy to remember and contain redundant numbers. These disposable numbers are a great option to explore anywhere without jeopardizing your privacy. Hushed, Burner and Grasshopper are some of the finest apps for quality call management services. Go for Google Voice if you want to use a reliable service provider and not spend a single penny.


A burner number is a disposable or alternate number that can be used with a different name and address. These numbers help you protect your private information from being disclosed to telemarketers and spammers.

You can get these numbers by either installing burner number apps or using an online service directly from your smartphone or PC desktop.

We consider the following five applications that provide the best burner phone app numbers based on our own practical experience:

Here are important points you should consider while selecting a free burner phone number app:

  • Features: consider all which provide important features like call recording, routing, queueing, and auto-attending while researching call management features.
  • Multiline Management: Having a multi-line in your single device will be convenient while dealing with high volumes of business calls. It also helps you to keep your private and professional workplaces separate.
  • Price: Choose a virtual phone service provider based on the price that meets your budget. While some providers charge by the minute, others have monthly rates. You can also opt for customizable plans as per your preference.
  • Global Coverage: Keep a local or toll-free number if you want to target the local market. But you must have international numbers if you want to scale up your business globally.
  • Customer Support: Professional technical support is essential, as you will probably have questions. The selected service provider must also have a website with discussion forums and insightful articles.

Best Online Burner Number

Name Key Features SMS / MMS Free Trial Link
👍 Hushed • Custom Voicemail Greeting
• Call Forwarding
• Call Routing
Yes 3 days Learn More
Burner • Untraceable number
• Muting or blocking
• Auto-reply Texts
Yes 7 days Learn More
Grasshopper • Call Forwarding
• VoIP + WiFi Calling
• Voicemail Transcription
Yes 7 days Learn More
Google Voice • Spam Blocker
• Call screening
• Voicemail Transcription
No Not Available Learn More
TextFree • Voicemail greetings
• Customized Phone Umber
• Unlimited MMS and texts
Yes Unlimited Learn More