Windows Movie Maker is a powerful and easy-to-use video editing application for Windows operating system. It contains useful features like effects, titles, timeline narration, and audio track.

However, Movie Maker has a limited number of video editing tools. Moreover, it offers only one video track. Therefore, you cannot perform complex editing.

Here is a curated list of Top applications that are capable of replacing Movie Maker. The list contains both open source(free) and commercial(paid) software.

BEST Windows Movie Maker Alternative: Free/Paid

Name Video Effects Supported formats Link
Adobe Premiere Pro Yes AVI, MPE, MPEG, MP4, MPG, FLV, M2V, MTS, and MOV. Learn More
Filmora Yes MP4, F4V, WMV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, MPEG-2, MKV, GIF, TS, MP3, and WEBM. Learn More
Camtasia Yes MP4, AVI, WMV, WAV, WMA, MP3 Learn More
Lightworks Yes MOV, AVI, MPEG, MPG, MXF Learn More

1) Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere is one of the best Windows Movie Maker Alternatives, which helps you to make changes in your video with ease. It allows you to export videos in formats like AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved), MXF (Material Exchange Format), and more.


  • Automatically reformats your videos
  • Helps you to manage curve adjustments
  • Extend your editing platform non- lineary.
  • This linear video editing tool helps you to accelerate audio mixing.
  • Get immersive with all the tools you require to create and share stories.

2) WeVideo

Wevideo is a collaborative web-based video editing platform that works in any browser. It helps you to change the background of the video. It enables you to develop high-quality videos with ease.


  • You can edit videos from Chromebook, Windows, Mobile, and Mac.
  • This app provides unlimited cloud storage to make a video.
  • Helps you to bring your memories to life with stunning home movies.
  • Helps you to inspire meaningful learning and creative expression in any subject.
  • You can add custom text, colors, emojis, etc., to videos.

3) Filmora

Filmora is one of the best alternatives of Movie Maker having an intuitive user interface and tons of video effects. This tool has advanced editing modes and much greater control, including keyframing over your video.


  • This tool provides fast processing, proxy files, and adjustable preview quality, which help you be more productive.
  • You can fix camera problems like camera shake and fisheye.
  • It allows you to change the aesthetic of your video with one click.
  • You can share your stories online.
  • Organize your media in 100 full video tracks.
  • It has PC/Mac cross-compatibility.

4) Camtasia

Camtasia Studio is a strong competitor of Movie Maker that makes it simple to create professional-looking videos based on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.


  • It is one of the best video editing software for beginners that enables you to record your screen and edit videos with ease.
  • This video making software helps you to streamline your video review process.
  • Offers more than 900,000 royalty-free stock videos, music, and customizable assets.
  • It offers eye-catching tiles, annotations, and callouts.
  • This tool allows you to add zoom in, zoom out, and pan animations.
  • You can add quiz questions and interactivity to measure learning videos.
  • It is a replacement of Movie Maker that enables you to record and import your presentations.
  • Create images and videos to give feedback.

5) Lightworks

Lightworks is a platform for editing any digital video in a wide range of formats, including 2K, 4K resolution, and HD formats. It supports OS like Linux, Windows, Mac OS, etc.


  • You can easily edit the video timeline and trim it.
  • This easy video editing software enables you to export videos for YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • You can make 2D and 3D titles.
  • Lightworks allows you to share a clip with other people and assign read or write access.
  • You can easily customize the shortcuts.
  • Lightworks supports English, German, Italian, and more languages.
  • This movie maker for Mac provides a simple way to trim your video.


6) OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot is an open-source video editing tool. It is Movie Maker alternative which supports Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. This tool has a drag and drop feature.


  • You can create as many layers as you want.
  • Titles can have 3D animated effects.
  • It enables you to move up, down, or locked track.
  • This is one of the best free movie makers for Windows that enables you to resize, trim, and rotate clips.
  • Openshot provides video transactions with real time previews.
  • You can quickly adjust the font and colour of your titles.
  • This is one of the best free adobe premiere alternatives that helps you to split out an audio clip from the video.


7) VEGAS Pro

Vegas Pro is a software that has easy to use user interface to edit videos This tool automatically saves your work. It helps you to import videos from a tablet, video camera, and smartphone.


  • It provides hundreds of effects.
  • You can remove whole sections of a video clip without hassle.
  • It supports HDR (High Dynamic Range).
  • You can edit a video of 8K.
  • Sony Vegas Pro provides a drag and drop interface.
  • This tool offers a nested timeline to speed up your workflow.
  • Advanced version of Sony Vegas Pro provides a lens correction plugin.
  • You can make a slow-motion video.

8) Shotcut

Shotcut is an open-source application that can be used to trim video precisely. It allows you to increase or decrease the speed of any clip with ease. This tool supports unlimited undo and redo facility.


  • This tool makes it easy to cut, copy, and paste video.
  • This tool allows users to detach audio from video.
  • It has mute, hide, and lock track controls.
  • Enables you to drag-n-drop video files from the manager.
  • Shotcut provides a multi-track timeline.
  • You can sort the playlist by name or creation date.
  • It enables you to multi-select items in the timeline.
  • Supported platforms: Windows.


9) Premiere Elements

Premiere Elements is a tool that uses AI to edit, create, organize, and share videos with ease. It offers animation, artists, effects, and transactions.


  • It helps you to find videos using facial recognition, smart tags, and more.
  • Allows you to share a creation with your friends.
  • You can make animated social posts.
  • Enables you to add stylish titles to videos.
  • This tool enables you to add transactions to your video.
  • It helps you to improve videos that are captured in low light.
  • You can create cinematic visuals.

10) Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a tool that enables you to edit videos with ease. It allows you to trim the beginning or end of the video and insert a new clip. This tool has a resize button that enables you to toggle between square and widescreen format.


  • Allows you to add sound in your video.
  • You can create a video slideshow.
  • It enables you to customize templates, fonts, and themes with no hassle.
  • Allows you to share your videos with other people.
  • You can drag and drop videos.

11) Animoto

Animoto is one of the best movie maker tools that offers ready-made templates to get started. It enables you to make videos for special events, including birthday parties.


  • This tool allows you to make a slideshow with a personalized story.
  • You can create a video photo album to post on a social media website.
  • Upload video and photo clips or choose from the library of Getty Images stock.
  • It allows you to share your video with family, followers, and friends.

12) PowerDirector

PowerDirector is a video editing software developed by CyberLink. It allows you to add customized shapes and objects in video. This tool supports motion graphics and animated titles.


  • It allows you to import 8K videos.
  • PowerDirector enables you to produce video in a 1:1 output ratio.
  • You can add shapes to your videos.
  • It provides numerous ready-made templates.
  • This tool offers slow motion and fast motion effects.
  • You can correct color distortion in a clip.
  • It can stabilize shaky footage.
  • You can import and edit video shot on camera.

13) Blender

Blender is an open-source 3D creation suite that supports animation, motion tracking, video editing, 2D animation, etc. It is one of the best movie makers for Windows that allows you to customize the application using the blender's API for Python script.


  • You can change the animation pose editor.
  • The tool has the ability to rendering to multilayer OpenEXR files.
  • You can easily combine 2D images with 3D.
  • This video making software provides animation support with onion skinning.
  • Blender allows the user to customize window layout and shortcuts.


14) Prezi

Prezi is one of the best Movie Maker alternatives to make your first video with no hassle. It provides a wide range of templates, images, icons, and images for creating a movie. This tool offers a library of ready-made videos to add your own content.


  • Enables you to edit videos with ease.
  • You can record and save videos for email or social media.
  • This application offers a live stream facility.
  • It allows you to add visuals and frames.
  • You can add a zooming effect to the videos.
  • It contains plenty of customized graphics, charts, and layouts.
  • You can collaborate with your team while making a video.


15) HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Pro is a video editing and recording tool. It enables you to edit the video and add effects. It helps you to trim, make changes in audio, and more.


  • Combining 2D and 3D videos is very easy.
  • This movie maker for Mac supports more than 410 effects.
  • This tool can be used on Windows and Mac.
  • HitFilm Express provides unlimited tracks to arrange video clips.
  • It provides color correction and grading features.
  • It contains a track panel to control 2D tracking inside HitFilm.


16) VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is a video editor made by Flash-Integro. It is capable of producing high-quality footage, including UHD, 4K, 3D, etc. This app helps you to highlight or blur elements in your video.


  • You can edit video in formats like AVI (Audio Video Integration), MP4, MPG (Moving Picture Group), and more.
  • Create or make changes in the video captured from mobile phones, webcams, etc.
  • Free version of this tool enables you to upload videos directly to YouTube.
  • VSDC allows you to convert one clip format to another.
  • This software enables you to place objects in any position on the timeline, having any size.

17) Media Composer

Media Composer is a powerful free video editing software. This tool helps you to customize the interface for any production role. This video editing software gives you more power and speed.


  • You Get the standard version for independent video editors.
  • Integrate workflows and collaborate as a team.
  • Customize the interface for any production role.


❓ What makes a good Windows Movie Maker alternative?

Here are the reasons for using the Windows Movie Maker alternative software:

  • You can fix camera problems like camera shake and fisheye.
  • It allows you to change the aesthetic of your video with one click.
  • It offers eye-catching tiles, annotations, and callouts.
  • These tools allow you to add zoom in, zoom out, and pan animations.
  • You can resize, trim, and rotate clips.
  • These tools enable you to add transactions to your video.