What is SAP CRM ?

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is a  set of methodologies and tools that helps to manage customer relationship in an organized way.

What is SAP CRM?

SAP CRM is the CRM tool provided by SAP.

What is SAP CRM used for?

A CRM is used for many a business process but let consider a very typical workflow for SAP -CRM

What is SAP CRM ?

Typical SAP-CRM Workflow[/caption] A customer may raise an issue with the vendor via any medium like Fax, email , telephone etc. If the resolution can not be provided immediately by the fron - end customer representatives they raise a ticket in SAP - CRM which is addressed by a more technically equipped personnel. The resolution is than forwarded to the customer.

How To Create a Ticket in SAP CRM?

To create a Ticket you will use Transaction CIC0

What is SAP CRM ?

SAP-CRM Ticket Creation- CIC0

A description of the important screen elements

What is SAP CRM ?



  • Create a ticket-Allows the creation of additional tickets.
  • Follow-up ticket-Creates a follow up ticket and links it to the parent one
  • Processed transactions -With this button you will be able to       navigate between all transactions created between contacts. Every time you "End contact", the list is reset.
  • Modify / visualize a ticket -Allows for modifications and additions to  the ticket
  • Actions -From here you can launch the same actions  that you can see in the actions tab
  • Linked tickets-This buttons shows all the linked tickets to the current one.
  • Ticket error-   If any error is detected in the current ticket, a   red light will be displayed. Pressing the button ,you should be able to see the error list. Tickets with error cannot be saved.

A ticket can have different priorities like low , high , critical etc.

What is SAP CRM ?

SAP CRM Ticket Priority

And a status                      -

What is SAP CRM ?

SAP CRM Ticket Status

Once you have filled in the relevant details a ticket number is auto generated etc.

What is SAP CRM ?

SAP-CRM Ticket Number