How to use SAP variant

Variants allow you to save your selection parameters in the input screen.

It minimizes the need to enter selection parameters each time you run a SAP report.

Variants can be storted for ANY SAP REPORT as long as the SAP Variants Save Button is available in the SAP Menu bar for the report.

Note: Many a transactions may be proctected due to security reasons by your administrator and save button may not be available

Create a Variant

  1. Enter the values for selection criteria while you are in any SAP report.
  2. Once all selection criteria are populated , Click the Save button

  1. Enter a Variant Name
  2. Type Meaning (description) of the variant

SAP Variants

Click theSAP Variants Save Button.

Retrieve a Variant

Click the Get Variant Button

SAP Variants

  1. Highlight the Variant you wish to use
  2. Click the Check Mark

SAP Variants

The report will be populated with the Selection Criteria.

Delete a Variant

While in ANY SAP Report Select GoTO > Variants > Delete

SAP Variants

  1. Highlight the Variant you want to delete
  2. Click Okay

SAP Variants

In the next SAP pop-up

  1. Select the "only in current client" radio button. (All Clients option will delete the variant across ALL clients)
  2. Click Continue

SAP Variants

Variant is deleted.

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