What is a Test Scenario?

This tutorial explains the concept of a test scenario. It also demonstrates what Test Prioritization means with the help of an exercise.


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Video Transcript with Key Takeaways Highlighted:

  • Test Scenario - A Scenario is any functionality that can be tested. It is also called Test Condition ,or Test Possibility.
  • For the Flight Reservation Application a few scenarios would be 1) Check the Login Functionality 2) Check that a New Order can be created 3) Check that an existing Order can be opened 4) Check that a user , can FAX an order 5) Check that the information displayed in the HELP section is correct 6) Check that the information displayed in About section , like version , programmer name , copy right information is correct


  • Apart from these six scenarios try and list all the other possible scenarios for the application. Pause the tutorial and complete the exercise
  • I am sure you have identified many a more like Update Order ,Delete Order ,Check Reports ,Check Graphs ,and so on.For the time being lets stick to these six .
  • Next , we have already learned exhaustive testing is not possible. Suppose you have time  to only execute 4 out of these 6 scenarios Which two low priority scenarios of these six will you eliminate. Think, your time starts now
  • I am sure most of you would have guessed scenarios 5 & 6, since they are not the core functionality of the application. This is nothing but Test Prioritization.


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