JSP Tutorial

Class Summary

JSP (JavaServer Page) is a Java based server side programming language used for developing web-based applications. In this tutorial, you will learn various concept of JSP like Java Servlet, JSTL, JSP actions, database access, etc.

What should I know?

This tutorial expects from users to have little knowledge on Java Coding. Learn more about Java coding.


1. What is JSP

2. JSP Life Cycle

3. Install JSP with Jboss Server & Java

4. JSP Elements - JSP Declaration, JSP Syntax, JSP Expression, JSP Comments

5. JSP Actions: JSP Implicit objects,Page directive, Include directive, Taglib Directive

6. JSP Expression Language (EL)

7. JSP Exception Handling - Checked Exception, Runtime Exception, Errors Exception


9. JSP Tag Library - JSTL Core & JSP Custom Tags

10. JSP Action - File Upload, JSP Filter, Client Request, Server Response, Cookies Handling, Date Handling

11. JSP database connection

12. JSP Example

13. Debug JSP Using Java Logger, Println statements & Debugging tools