SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is an important module of SAP ERP consisting of business processes required in selling, shipping, billing of a product. The module is tightly integrated with other SAP MM & SAP PP. Key sub-modules of SAP SD are Customer and Vendor Master Data, Sales, Delivery, Billing, Pricing and Credit Management.

What should i know?

The course is designed for beginners with little or no SD experience. But knowledge of SAP basics is a plus.


Customer Master and Material Master data

Customer is the key Master Data in SAP SD. In this section, we will learn about Account Group ( required to Create Customer Master), Partner Function (Businesses you work with), and Material Master ( goods sold to customer)

Tutorial 1: Create Customer Master

Tutorial 2: Create Customer Number Range for Sales and Assign to Customer Account Groups

Tutorial 3: How to Create Partner Function

Tutorial 4: How to Create Material Stock

Tutorial 5: How to Create Customer Material Info Record

Tutorial 6: How to get Overview of Material Stock

Tutorial 7: Create Material Master for Sales View


Tutorial 8: Overview of Sales Activities

Tutorial 9: How to Create Inquiry

Tutorial 10: How to Create Quotation

Tutorial 11: How To Create Sales Order

Tutorial 12: How To Create Debit Memo

Tutorial 13: How To Create Credit Memo

Tutorial 14: How To Create Sales Document Type

Tutorial 15: All about Sales Document (header / item / schedule )

Tutorial 16: Text determination for sales document header / item

Tutorial 17: What is Schedule Line Category and how to define it

Tutorial 18: How to create Item Proposal

Tutorial 19: All About Material Exclusion & Inclusion (Listing)


This section deals with actual packing, shipping and delivery of goods to the customer.

Tutorial 20: How to Determine Shipping Point

Tutorial 21: How to create Picking ,Packing and PGI

Tutorial 22: Returns , Free of Charge Delivery , Sub-sequent Delivery

Tutorial 23: All About Consignment Process

Tutorial 24: Output proposal using the condition technique

Tutorial 25: Substituting Reason


This section deals with invoice and billing

Tutorial 26: How to Create Bill of Materials

Tutorial 27: How to Correct Invoice

Tutorial 28: How to Define Item Category

Tutorial 29: Steps To Create Blocking Reason


Tutorial 30: Determine Pricing by item category

Tutorial 31: All About Tax Determination Procedure

Tutorial 32: All about Text Type

Tutorial 33: SAP Item Category Determination: VOV7, VOV4

Tutorial 34: All About Condition Exclusion Group

Tutorial 35: Accounting Key

Credit Management

This training material deals with credit management in SAP SD

Tutorial 36: Guide to Credit Management in SAP