QTP Certification Test - 1
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1) Which scripting language is used in QTP ?

2) Does QTP support Data Driven Framework ?

3) Select the Browsers NOT Supported by QTP ?

4) "Active Screen" Technology in QTP gives

5) Does the "Information" Toolbar in QTP 10.x give the Syntax Errors if any in the script ?

6) Method to To count the no of rows in a table

7) Select Case statement is end with

8) Object Repository is available in 3 modes viz.a) Per-Action Object Repository b) Shared Object Repository, c) Unshared Object Repository

9) What is the correct order of events in Test Script Creation ?

10) Which one is the default data type of QTP

11) To use the non-standard windows object, we can go for

12) Select INVALID Checkpoint Type from the following

13) To terminate the script execution, during running, QTP uses

14) BITMAP Checkpoint checks the property values of an image ?

15) Synchronization Point is used :-

16) Do statement always end with

17) By default a Datable contains :-

18) Results Table (results of a test) is available in which following locations ?

19) *.mts file contains :-

20) The feature of selecting different values of test data at run-time is called

21) Can Checkpoints be parameterized ?

22) Can Test-Data in "Action Sheet" of Data Table be used from one action to another ?

23) Text Output Value -

a) outputs property value of any object
b) outputs text string appearing in AUT
c) outputs part of displayed text appearing in AUT

24) Select the valid types of Actions in QTP

a) Nested Actions
b) Shared Actions
c) External Actions
d) Reusable Actions

25) Can Actions inserted as "Call to Action" be modified by the test engineer?

26) Action Sheet (in Data Table) of an action inserted as "Copy of an Action" is editable only from the test from which they were created ?

27) Action Iteration is :-

28)When a procedure is created in the Function Library editor, what is the extension on the file?

29) Can we use all standard Microsoft Excel features like Formulae, Formatting , Sorting etc in QTP DataTable ?

30) "Call to Copy" of an action can be inserted only for reusable actions ?

31) Parameterization of all Test data in a script can be done using

32) Are Nested Actions Call to one Action from Another ?

33) Is the Shared ( Global ) Action Repository the default repository in QTP ?

34) In a Per - Action (Local) Repository Action 1 and Action 2 in the same test script would have different object repositories?

35) The Share Action Repository is preferable when

36) What is *.tsr file in QTP ?

37) Object Spy can be used to

38) Are Assistive properties used when mandatory properties are enough to identify an object ?

39) Are Ordinal Identifiers used when Mandatory and Assistive properties used by QTP are not enough to identify Object?

40) Select the Invalid type of Ordinal Identifiers Used by QTP

41) Does Index based ordinal identifier indicates the order in which the object appears in the parent window frame or dialog box relative to other objects?

42) Does Location based ordinal identifier indicates the order in which object appears in the application code relative to other objects?

43) Select the environments in which Creation Time ordinal identifier is used

44) When a test is run in update mode, what is updated?

45) For identification of any object the choice of ordinal identifier selected can be modified in the Object Identification Window?

46) The Index Property value of Occurrence of the first object in source code is

47) Is Smart Identification is invoked when QTP cannot recognize an object using mandatory , assistive and ordinal properties ?

48) Select the type of properties used for Smart Identification

49) Utility to measure the timing delays between transactions, we use

50) Select the Invalid recording modes supported by QTP

51) What does a breakpoint do?

52) Does Analog Recording mode, records exact mouse and keyboard operations ?

53) The RunAnalog function is used to run

54) Consider the QTP Script below

Window("Calculator").WinObject("8").Click 21,6
Window("Calculator").WinObject("WinObject").Click 14,13

In which mode is the script recorded ?

55) Virtual Objects are used when:-

56) Consider the QTP Script below:-

On Error Resume Next

What does the above line of code do ?

57) Which of the following is an example of a missing resource?

58) To enter the non-executable statement in QTP , we use



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