Bank Transfer using SAP DME File

After Payroll is executed , SAP DME  process will transfer payment amounts to employee's bank account. To execute bank transfer you need to complete 2 steps

STEP 1 ) Run Preliminary DME Program.

Transaction:  PC00_MXX_CDTA    , XX =  Country Molga

Overview: -

  • This program prepares the payroll results for the DME (Data Medium Exchange) process

  • It uses information from the HR Master Data (infotype 0001, 0002, 0006, 0009) and information from the payroll results (payroll program tables WPBP and BT).

  • It creates a file that contains data which complies with bank regulations.

  • If the values are inaccurate, you will need to correct the errors and re-run the preliminary DME program

  • If the values are accurate, you will use the file as input for creating the bank transfer txt files..


Program Input Screen

SAP Training HUB - DME Program Input

Enter Payroll area & Personnel Number. Rest Selection Criteria can be kept default. Click Execute


SAP Training Hub - DME Program Output

Note down the Program Run Date and Identification Feature

STEP 2) Create the DME file

Transaction : PC00_MXX_FFOT   , XX = Molga


  • This program uses the successful file created by the preliminary DME program.

  • It produces a Payment Summary, a DME Accompanying Sheet, and a DME File (per company code) for each paying bank.

  • The DME File may need to be uploaded into designated software that enables a bank transfer between your company and your paying bank.


Program Input Screen

Sap Training Hub - DME Input

Enter Program run date and Identification feature obtained from the pre-DME program ,  Paying Company Code , Payment method ,House bank, Account ID, Currency. Execute


Sap Training Hub - DME Spool

Double click on the spool number

Sap Training Hub - DME Spool

Select a line item and click on

SAP Training Hub - DME Output

Review output

SAP Training Hub - DME Temse

Go back to the Output overview screen and double click on the TEMSE file.

SAP Training Hub - DME Temse Output

Review Output


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